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Historical and social context of A Rose for Emily

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Roque Carballo Garrido

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Historical and social context of A Rose for Emily

Social context:
North vs. South
Consequences for The South
Old South vs. New South
-American Civil War brought along the abolition of the slavery.
Historical context
Historical context
The Reconstruction > 1865~1878
Social context
Social context
-Main characters that represent the Old South:
Mrs. Emily
Judge Stevens
Colonel Sartoris
Historical and social context of "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner.
Thank you!
- American Civil War > 1861-1865

Historical context:
American Civil War
North vs. South
The Reconstruction
-After the Civil War:
The North: new factories, new transports, more petrol, new technology, etc.
The South: devastation and ruin in economy, population, infrastructures, etc.
-Before the Civil War:
The North: industrialized and advanced in financial matters.
The South: economy based in large cotton plantations worked by slaves
The North: 23 states demanded free labour and the abolition of slavery
The South: 11 states demanded to control their own territory. They made use of slaves for their cotton plantations
- Abolition of the slavery in southern states

Remarkable bibliography
After the Civil War in The South:
Old generation vs. New generation
Old South vs. New South
Old values vs. New values
Mrs. Emily represents the Old South, the Old generation and the Old values.
There was a
-The devastation of the South is simbolized by Mrs. Emily and her aristocratic family.
-Mrs. Emily (=Old South) refuses to accept her new situation.
-The Reconstruction was a period of transition where The South had to get used to the new and modern ideas of The North.
-Terrible impacts for the southern society which lived thanks to the slaves.
-Mrs. Emily's death = old values/old South's death
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