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Perfect Chinese Children

No description

katy cawley

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Perfect Chinese Children

Growing up Asian in Australia
~ Wanted her children to do well in school to give them a better future.

~ Is never happy or proud of her kids.

~ Afraid they will act in white ways.
~ Gave up everything for love that left her.
Work Experience
The mother of Vanessa and her sister is disappointed with them because they don't excel in school.
Vanessa discusses the pressure and expectations of being Chinese and having Chinese relatives.
Perfect Chinese Children
Character Analysis of
Vanessa Woods

By Katy Cawley

~ Tries in school, room for improvement though

~ At school she acts Australian

~ At home she acts Asian

~Doesn't know where she fits in

~ Just wants her mum to love and accept her.
Vanessa Woods
~ Vanessa's sister

~ Child that makes mistakes, not perfect

~ Gets into trouble
Bronnie Woods
~ Fat and strict
~ Looks after Vanessa and Bronnie after school
~ Gives children death threats if they misbehave
~ Her children are smart and successful
Aunty Yee Mah
Though there are always two sides of the story, and the author talks from her mother's perspective as well.
~ Yee Mah’s daughter

~ Top of her class

~ Doesn't like Australians

~ Doesn't fully trust Vanessa because she doesn't act Asian enough
t 7
~ Aunty Lee Mah’s son. ~The mother tutors him ~ Extremely smart ~ Brags non stop ~ Vanessa doesn't like him
Vanessa steals a Snow White rubber because her mother doesn't have much money.
Mother asks, "what do they have that you don't?"
Vanessa answers, "erasers with snow white on them."

The next day Vanessa's mother gives her Snow white rubbers.
This shows readers that Vanessa's mother just wants her children to be happy, and she doesn't quite know what that is, so she just thinks they should be rich, and to be rich you have to be smart.
In the end Vanessa scores well on her HSC exams and learns that her mother will always love and be proud of her.
Thank you
For watching and listening
Mother (No name given)
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