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Steph and Flo Media

Our McDonald's Media Project

Stephanie Higham

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Steph and Flo Media

Their food is cheap
It's everywhere around the world
if you don't speak the language, and you want to get food, just say "McDonald's" and they'll know what you mean
People who want to own a restaurant, can open up a McDonald's, and it will be popular if it's in the right location
In at least 119 countries
McDonald's food are still trying to increase the healthy menu. Ex. Smoothies, Yogurts, Apple Slices etc.

Health Impacts
Impacts to the Environment
Impacts to the Society
The debate topic for today is...(drum roll please!) Is McDonald's food really good for you?
a lot of non-recyclable garbage is produced
8500 polystyrene hamburger packages are made every minute
all of that trash can lead to deforestation and habitat destruction
to get beef from cows = feed them = grain from factories = spray pesticides on crops to keep bugs away = pollution!!!!
plastic forks, knives, and all the cutlery and crockery
average McDonald's serves 109 customers per hour
It takes 7 million tons of grain fed livestock and the livestock produces only 1 million tons of meat.
McDonald's is not very good for you.
But if you eat it once in a while, that will be okay. Never spend all your money on McDonald's because it can be addictive, it causes bad health problems, it has little amounts of fiber, protein and nutrients. Instead, it has ingredients to make you obese and have major health issues.
Oily, grimy, food that are not good for your body.
Can get health problems, it is addictive and if you buy it a lot, you lose your money
Lots of fat to cause weight problems and obesity because there are lots of sugar to make you overweight.
Lots of sodium and grease on the fries.
Contains overly amounts of fat, sodium and sugar. McDonalds unhealthy food can lead to heart problems, heartburn, liver problems, obesity, higher blood pressure, diabetes and kidney diseases. (According to the
Mayo Clinic
A McDonalds meal is usually more than half the fat recommended for you everyday.
Sources: www. yahoo answers.com, http://www.ehow.com/info_8361058_disadvantages-eating-mcdonalds.html
McDonald's is not usually good for you.
-It increases obesity in our society.
-Over 31,000 stores can easily serve 54 million customers daily. (Together)
- McDonald's contains many chemicals, which may cause ill health, and hyperactivity in children.
-McDonald's food contains high amounts of fat, sugar and sodium, and very little fiber, vitamins and nutrients.
-McDonald's foods are super sizing, which means it is increasing in size.
Sources: http://foodserviceandcateringmcdonalds.weebly.com/impact-on-society.html
How it Started :
The History
In 1940, Maurice and Richard, 2 entrepreneurs, opened a McDonald's Bar-B-Que with 25 BBQ options. In 1948, they eliminated the BBQ options and started selling burgers, shakes, potato chips and apple pie. The pairs changed the name of their new restaurant to McDonald's in name of their last name. To this year, McDonald's still continue selling their overly popular food.
Sources: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-disadvantages-mcdonalds-franchise-3898.html
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