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Raising the Standard

No description

Lu-Ann Hassanin

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Raising the Standard

Only by improving ourselves as a school and as teachers can we raise the standard of our students. How can we do this? Follow along with me to see how easy it can be.
Something for everyone
Professional Development can take many different forms. No one method is right for everyone. Take a look and decide which works best for you.
Individually-Guided Development
Self-directed Professional Development

Can be conducted:
1. individually
2. in smaller Learning Groups

Do you like to work alone or with a few like minded others? This may be the one for you!
Teacher Inquiry
Can be conducted:
1. individually
2. in small groups
3. in large groups

Do you have questions, but no answers? Would you like to have the time to look for answers? This could be right up your alley!
Would you like to attend more workshops? Or perhaps you would like to share your expertise with others by giving a workshop, or a series of workshops?
Reading circles
Perhaps you'd like to get another view of your teaching? Why not invite someone to observe you, or video tape a class to watch later?
Raising the Standard

Continuing Professional Development
Haven't yet found anything that suits you? How about reading about topics that interest you and discussing them over coffee or tea with others who have done the same?
What's next?
Now that you've seen what can be done, how do we do it?

We'll conduct a Needs Analysis to determine areas of interest then
together we'll map out a plan that will take us through the year, and perhaps beyond!

Follow-up will play a vital role in our plan. We'll need to periodically check to see how we're doing and see how our journey has affected our teaching and our students' learning.

Is what we're doing really raising the standard?

Are you with me?
Together we can make a change. Are you ready to come on the journey with me? I'll be there to support you in any way I can. Let's take this walk together for a better future for all of us.
Have I piqued your interest? Click below for some more detailed information.
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