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Marian Anderson and her legacy

No description

Megan Radowick

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Marian Anderson and her legacy

Marian Anderson: Inspiration to a Divided Nation Childhood I have never been able to analyse the qualities that the audience contributes to a performance. The most important, I think, are sympathy, open-mindedness, expectancy, faith, and a certain support to your effort. I know that my career could not have been what it is without all these things, which have come from many people. The knowledge of the feelings other people have expended on me has kept me going when times were hard. That knowledge has been a responsibility, a challenge, and an inspiration. It has been the path to development and growth. The faith and confidence of others in me have been like shining, guiding stars.
- Marian Anderson - Moves to London, England in 1927 - Studies with Raimund von Zur Mühlen
and Louis Drysdale - London debut in 1928 at Wigmund Hall - Travels to Berlin in summer of 1930 - October 10, 1930 concert at the Bachsaal - Discovered by Rule Rasmussen and Kosti Vehanen - First Scandinavian tour - Second Scandinavian tour - Meeting with Sibelius "Solitude" - Third Scandinavian tour - 116 concerts over seven months
- "Anderson Fever" - May 30th performance in Paris - Sol Hurok offers a contract - Leningrad performance
- Leads to performances in Warsaw, Vienna, Prague,
Budapest, and Monte Carlo - 22 concerts in six weeks - Salzburg Festival in 1935 - Invited by Archbishop Sigismund Waitz
- August 28 recital at the Mozarteum " Yours is a voice such as one
hears only once in a hundred years." - Arturo Toscanini London, 1928 Kosti Vehanen Rule Rasmussen Vienna Anderson and Vehanen Mozarteum, Salzburg Festival 1935 European Career Marian Anderson at the Lincoln Memorial * Performed Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939

* Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes presented Marian Anderson.

* 75,000 people attended the concert and it was broadcast to several thousands.

*She sang "America" and then proceeded to sing an Italian aria, Schubert's Ave Maria, and three Negro spirituals, "Gospel Train," "Trampin,"' and "My Soul Is Anchored in the Lord." 75,000 people gather to hear Marian Anderson sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" Let Freedom Ring After the Lincoln Memorial Concert *Between November 1939 and June 1940 she appeared in more than seventy cities, giving ninety-two concerts.

*In 1943, Marian Anderson accepts offer from the Daughters of the American Revolution to sing at benefit for the American Red Cross US Career * Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes presents Marian Anderson

* Sang Spirituals, arias, America and My Country ''Tis of Thee
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