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NDP Jack Layton

Federal Election Of Canada

Lena Bieber

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of NDP Jack Layton

Pro 1. Jack Latyon wants to hire more
pilice, partner with local communities to fight
crimes and gangs. Canadian Leadership Pro 2. he wants to shirft military defence spending from air force to navy Pro 3. He wants to
eliminate the deficit by 2014. Pro 4. He wants to
cap credit cards
rates and regulate
transaction fees. If u just vote for Jack Layton,
we can help our family, friends and country
canadian leadership is people working together
to bring the better! Jack Layton has leadership
and should be voted for! We all look
for a good
jack layton
can provide families
with no health care
and health protection
with a better life
and free health care
i guess this is what leadership is all about! We already now,that
from jack layton
were going to have a stronger
community, better health care,
better education, and deficit will
be eliminated but in Jack layton's heart,
Helping the community people
isnt the only thing he wants to help,
its also the enviroment that we are living
in! Do you want our country to be fair? Vote for Jack layton and He can make it fair! So if you want
a better country
dont vote: Or for the : Jack Layton
NDP And Get A Life You Deserve. Credits:
Lena Nicole Bieber.
Infromation from Macleans. ca Vote The Best!
Vote For! : .Hes A Leader He cares. He is what Canada Needs. " Never Say It Can't Be Done." Hes Trustworthy. He wants his
country to have a
better life. Other parties
dont have as many pros
as NDP. NDP is a more
reasonable party with many
future helpful goals to make our country
strong. Stay Storng.
Vote Strong
Live Strong. The Pros Of Jack Layton. Table Of Contents:
- Jack Laytons Platforms
- Ways he can help us and
our enviroment.
-Why we should vote for
him to get the better. Through three decades of public service, and as Leader of Canada's New Democrats since 2003, Jack Layton is delivering the kind of change that can make life better for you and your family. This is what Cananda needs. Thanks For watching <3 In Conclusion: Vote Better.
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