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The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays

No description

Amanda Gonzalez

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod:
Ninth Grade Slays

By:Heather Brewer
Character Intro
Vladimir Tod- Protagonist, Round Character

opinion: Magnificent Character because of his traits.

Traits: Responsible- Vlad doesn't worry other people with his
troubles in life.
Silly- Uses his telekinesis power to make his friends do sill things.
Uncle Otis- Side protagonist, Dynamic Character

opinion:Enjoyable Character because of how he acts( fatherly figure towards Vlad) and of his traits.

Traits: Friendly- Always treats everyone with a warm heart.
Wise- Knows all about Elysian history
and code.

D'ablo- Anatagonist,Flat

Opinion: Hate him yet love

Traits:Evil- Tries to kill
Vlad throughout story
Smart- learns from his
mistakes and know all about Elysian code and history
Plot Summary
I recommend this book for
For my visual
I did Prezi
-Vladimir's house
-Bathory High School
Main conflict
- There is a vampire slayer in town searching for the vampire roaming around.
Reaction of main character:Vlad
-Always keeps an eye out for slayer everywhere.
Man vs. Man conflict
Author wrote The chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays to teach an important life lesson
Authors Message
-Never judge someone by their race; no discrimination
-Boys and girls because both genders can easily relate to this story.
-Seventh grade and up because this book is for a more mature audience and older audience can relate better to this story.
-Fantasy lovers because this book contains vampires and other monsters
-Comedy lovers because this book contains hilarious scenes.
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod:Ninth Grade Slays is the second book of the series.
The book The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod:Ninth Grade Slays follows the life of Vladimir Tod,a half-blood(vampire and human), trying to live a normal life. Vlad starts out in this book by entering his first year of high school, which we all know is a hard year. Since the beginning of the series D'ablo, Vlad's enemy, has tried to kill him. In this book he hires a vampire slayer,Joss, to find him and kill him. Later on in the book, Vlad travels to Siberia with his Uncle Otis to train and learn new vampire skills that could come in handy. Once he arrives back home, Vlad encounters D'ablo all by himself. You will have to read the book to find out if D'ablo kills Vlad or not.
Mood:Changes throughout story
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