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Magazine Cover comparisons

No description

kelsey wheeler

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Magazine Cover comparisons

Within the front cover you can see three different fonts have been used, in three different colours. This is to make the writing stand out against the dark coloured background. The main cover lines are not as dominant as the other magazine covers, although the name of the film being featured is the second largest on the cover it still isn't as dominant as the main image. Main Feature Magazine Cover Comparison Pugs The pug on this magazine cover is unusual, stereotypically the pug featured on the cover would over lap another feature on, also the use of the colour silver being used has made the pug look more expensive compared to others this was also done by the effect bevel which makes the shape stand out more. Colour Scheme The colour scheme used for this cover is a mixture of tones of blue, silver, white and red. All of which are contrasting colours with each other therefore making the cover stand out more so than others. The colours used on the Empire magazine (White, blue, red and green) are similar but the green featured on the cover relates to the film being advertised and personally i think makes the cover stand out more so as its an usual combination of colours. Both colour schemes link to the genre of the films. Main Image The purpose of the main image is to attract the target audience. The lack of lighting to the image makes it acceptable for the genre of the film. The fact it is covering the magazine title but is behind the cover line is a stereotypical convention within magazine covers, but the high angel that has been used gives the audience a different view of the film, suggesting the man has more power over the audience. In comparison to the other covers this cover and the Vogue cover both have revealing images where as the Empire magazine image is more hidden so its not as revealing making the target audience want to pick up the magazine more so than others. Masthead The masthead on these types of genre magazines are usually slightly different. This one you can see that the background of what seems to be a satellite view of a city or inside of a building, the letters of the title seem to highlight the background as the rest of the background is blurred out with the use of the colour blue. It also has a shadow behind each letter from the effect of embossing. In comparison to all three covers i personally think this masthead is the most effective. Barcode and Web address TOTAL FILM COVER Majority of magazine designers place the barcode in a bottom corner of the magazine usually along with the price and web address. In this case the barcode is in the stereotypical position however the price and web address is not. The price is in a smaller font under the masthead and the web address is in the other rule of three columns on the other side of the magazine. The reason behind this sometimes is to actually hide the price of the magazine so people would just buy it regardless. EMPIRE COVER Main Feature The main feature on this cover you could say it is hard to distinguish as the masthead, and the main image are both as eye catching and important as one another. However as there is such little detail on this particular cover it doesn't need to include loads of conventions just the main ones to make the cover stand out as much as the others. So in this case i personally would say that the main feature would have been the image. Pugs This pug in comparison to the pug on the
total film cover appears to look cheaper in
a way as it doesn't look as effective, but this
could be because of the tonnes of the different
genres, the total film cover looks more serious
in comparison to this cover in ways such as the
main image on this cover is animated, therefor
the pug could look cartoon like also. The
colours and fonts of the text within the pug
show a consistent house style throughout. Colour Scheme The colours used for the typography are bright compared to the main image and the darkness of the background. This is to make it stand out more and clearer for the target audience to read. Main Image The main image on the magazine is an unusual shot to have on a front cover of a magazine. The mid close up of this animated hero is what the cover line describes 'the hulk, unleashed' the purpose of him breaking through the wall but is made to look like his breaking through the cover of the magazine itself is to help the readers understand what the cover line is talking about. The lack of lighting used for this image besides a spotlight almost suggests that his not supposed to be found or known of, making the readers more interested. Masthead Barcode and Web address The typography of the masthead 'Empire' is written in a comic like font to go with the animated look of the magazine itself. How the masthead and the main image merge together by the breakage of the wall and the P in the title make the cover more powerful. Compared to the other magazines this masthead looks the least professional. This cover has put the barcode in a similar place but higher up the side as the cover line is stretched across the bottom. Unusually the web address isn't featured anywhere on the cover unlike the other covers. VOGUE COVER Masthead The masthead is the first thing you notice besides the main image. The white used contrasts with the dark faded background, this sets the style of the magazine. Part of the masthead is covered by the model suggesting that the fashion statement she is making is more important than the magazine itself. Compared to the other magazine covers i believe that this magazine typography is more recognizable than the others with or without it being covered. Main Feature Usually the main feature on a cover would be the main image itself for example 'The Empire' cover. This covers main feature is the designer label in red contrasting with all the other colours used. (Coco Chanel) making it stand out compared to other features on the cover. Colour Scheme The colour white represents purity and beauty, and the red represents love, passion and lust. These colours have been used to catch the target audiences eye. Making the reader lust after the clothes and the label itself in ways, keeping this colour scheme on the cover consistent throughout the magazine. Main Image The main image is dominate on the cover of this magazine this is because the main feature of the 'Coco Chanel' label links to the image as the model is wearing Coco Chanel designs. They've used a famous model who's been featured in Victoria Secret shows, london and milan fashion weeks, therefore attracting the specific target audience increasing sales. Barcode and Website For the more expensive and upmarket magazines the designers would prefer not to place the barcode on the cover. This particular magazine the barcode is not featured on the front like the other magazines i have compared. The web address is not featured on the cover either, yet after studying this genre of magazines usually the web address is featured on the back cover, bottom of the contents page, also some editions feature the web address along with the page numbers throughout the magazine. WIRED COVER Masthead The masthead is the first thing you notice besides the direct address from the main image. This is because of the brightly colours that have been used to contrast with the dark background. The typography that had been used is in a similar style to the VOGUE magazine, yet has been created to give a different vibe with the use of orange and blocking each letter off. Main Feature The main feature on this magazine cover would be the main image and how it has been represented on the cover. Usually most magazines have lots to analize where as this one doesn't have alot on the cover even in comparison to the up market expensive magazines. Colour scheme The colour scheme for this magazine looks particularly dark, or darker than you would assume for a stereotypical magazine cover. The use of purple and orange is to make the main image stand out more compared to other features on the cover. Main Image The main image on this cover is very powerful compared to others with the intense use of direct address. The fact the lady is covering her mouth with her hand as if she is keeping secrets, which could be written on her hand as stories lines within the magazine itself. This makes the magazine more interesting and interactive with the target audience in ways others.
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