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Beach Conference

No description

A Lopata

on 27 July 2017

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Transcript of Beach Conference

* Community connection
A Teacher's Perspective
The Power of Engaging Volunteers in Coastal Science
A Student's Perspective
14 July 2017

Sand dune restoration and research
Maine - New Hampshire Beaches Conference
Beach Profiling
Oyster Restoration and Research
Restored 17+ acres of oysters to Great Bay, NH
Monthly and pre and post storm profile data for NH's beaches
Eel monitoring
Data on more than 35,000 eels
Horseshoe crab surveys
Collect more than 50% of data each year
Maine - New Hampshire Beaches Conference 2017
Why Volunteer?
Authentic Learning with Authentic Outcomes
Developing a Growth Mindset
"I feel like I made a difference even if sometimes it didn't work. When I plant dune grass I feel good because I feel like I am helping everything that gets saved by the dunes. If it doesn't work when we plant dune grass, we have to revise our thinking and that is okay!"
~Lindsay H.
* Learning experience
* OUR environment
Pentucket values high levels of academic performance, adaptive leadership, and personal meaning
PRSD allows students to access accelerated academic opportunities, become leaders who facilitate significant change, and impact the world as a creative agent
Real World Application
Integration of Science, Social Studies, and ELA technical academic knowledge
Culminating in real world assessment opportunities
Opportunities to think about their impact on the world as they become Global Citizens
Exposure to different careers and the people behind them
Becoming Creative Change Agents
channel your passions into a career!

Thank you, Richard Lodge!
Spring 2016
Spring 2017
1. Increase research capacity
2. Provide meaningful
More than 100,000 native sand dune plants restored
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