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The Hub EDU

No description

SXSW V2Venture

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hub EDU

Collect. Connect. Collaborate.
With TheHubEDU you can capture
content from the web
Share your shelves and
follow other user’s shelves.
Discover people and ideas to shelve, invite and follow.
Tiffany Brumley
Marketing &
Social Media
Chris Airola
Brian Crossman
Lead Developer
Tiffany Reiss, PhD
Co-Founder, CEO
Brian Alford
Co-Founder, CCO
are fishing for great
educational resources...

It should be easier to
access and discuss

and organize content
to give it context.
but the net catches too much information...
or upload your own resource and
add it to your custom shelves.
TheHubEDU Team
Build a personal learning network.
and their conversation doesn't
leave the classroom.

Undergraduate Student
“TheHubEdu is completely intuitive; this is great for me to organize all of my articles and research for my classes”
Associate Professor
“I like the fact that my students can now access all of this content forever,
even after the course on the LMS is completed”
Undergraduate Student
“That’s a cool idea, connecting to peers in my major outside of my own school”

40% Growth Rate
Projected Value 5.6b
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