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Research Method vs. Research Design

No description

David Hayward

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Research Method vs. Research Design

Research Method
Research Design
Research Methods
This refers to
what kind
of research we are doing
Our research is either
Experimental research methods include:
Lab Experiments
Field Experiments
Natural/Quasi Experiments
Non-Experimental Research Methods include:
Content Analysis
Questionnaire Surveys
Case Studies
Research Design
This refers to
we organise our participants
What kind of Research
This can be in one of three ways
Repeated groups
Independent Groups
Matched Pairs
Independent Groups is when
participants take part in each condition of the IV
Repeated Groups is when
the same
participants take part in each condition of the IV
Matched Pairs is when
participants take part in each condition of the IV, but each participant is matched based on relevant qualities, such as IQ, height, etc.
How Participants are organised
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