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No description

Gene Monahan

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Tobacco

What is Tobacco?
How was tobacco used?
Where was tobacco first used?
When was Tobacco firs introduced?
Who consumed and who first introduced tobacco?
Cash Crop:A crop that is grown for sale by the farmer rather than personal use.
Hogshead: A large wooden barrel for holding tobacco.
Labor-Intensive: Requiring many people working hard to perform a task.
Mercantilism: An economic system relying on colonies to provide a nations raw materials and then selling the finished goods back to the colonies for a profit.
Money: A medium of exchange (currency which includes coins and paper bills.
By:Vahishta E.
Tobacco was a substance that was very important to certain people in the olden days. It is a plant.It is still used now though in unhealthy ways, one example of people consuming t.obacco is when they smoke Back in the day, people thought that Tobacco was very valuable and never knew that it was unhealthy. Tobacco was one of the most important goods mad in the American Colonies. Tobacco is a cash crop, it is produced by curing the leaves. Tobacco is stored in hogsheads.
Tobacco was valuable long ago. They use it for religious ceremonies.
Also, they used tobacco as money and they traded tobacco for several goods. this means that the colonies would send raw goods or commodities,like tobacco to Great Britain to be sold and in return, this is called mercantilism. Britain would send manufactured goods like metal and cloth products back to the colonies. Tobacco was also
used for smoking.
Tobacco was first used in France.Tobacco in France and then tobacco spread to England.Tobbaco was vey valuable in many types of forms,such as religous ceromonies and food.

Tobacco was first introduced in 1560. Growing nicotine/tobacco was labor-intensive. It needed many "red hands"
Jean Nicot was the first person to introduce tobacco "clearly" in around 1560. most people around that time consumed tobacco long ago.Tobacco back then could be consumed by anyone even children! Today people need to be a certain age to consume tobacco.

Why was tobacco so important and valuable?
Tobacco was valuable and important because many people could grow it and it was already discovered long before 1560, though aroung 1560 it became more and more popular.
hands of a person
touching tobacco
"Tobacco farms" are used
by farmers who only
grow tobacco.
To the right is Jean
Nicot, the "first
person" to
introduce Tobacco
and make it
popular and
To the right is a hogshead, which is used for holding tobacco
Above is a picture of a cigarette.
Above is a tobacco ticket, this is used as money and has great value. On the ticket, information is included such as the quantity of how much tobacco the plantation owner was selling. With this ticket the plantation owner(planter) can buy goods such as clothing for himself,food and other goods.
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