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Copy of Case of study of Minerva A. G.

Business English class project

Thuc Hien

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Case of study of Minerva A. G.

Minerva A.G. Minerva A.G.
- a chain store based in Munich, Germany
- sells new technology products, furniture, fashionable clothes to kitchenware and household goods.
- well-known or its original designs and high quality.
- Maxim: Creativity, Imagination, Style, Novelty, Originality
Customers opinions:

Few 'great new products' for customers with busy lifestyle
The range of products is narrowed.
Too many high-tech products. Customers want fewer products but more original ones.
Few products which are under e100 to be used as gift.
Not enough special offers to encourage customers to spend more. Minerva A.G. Need for new products:
Four companies which are well-known for their innovation will come and present their new products to Chairperson Ulrika Nielsen and directors.
Listen to them and give us your opinion. Company A
Weight Monitor Special features:
Measures how much body fat you have
An LCD display shows changes in your weight
Easy-to-read and weight records for up to five years
Price: €45 Company B
Personal Satellite Navigation System Special features:
Downloads any world city map from your computer
No need to carry a street map ever again
Includes tourist information
Slim, Lightweight
Colours: Silver or black
Price: €320 Company C
Virtual Passenger Special features:
Chats, tells jokes, plays music, asks questions
Keeps you awake
Stops boredom
20,000 words memory - knows your interests
Automatically opens windows
Alarm function if driver falls asleep
Ideal for sales reps
Price: €500 Company D
Floating Globe Special features
Appears to float in the air because it is controlled by magnets
Lights up
Many physical features highlighted, for example mountain ranges
Ideal for the home or office
Price: €220 4.Conclusion Considering all of the options on the table and with your help, we decided to choose the product of Company A. The product that company A represented seems to be the most suitable for this situation because it fits most of the needs that the customers exposed in the results of the investigation. Reasons to choose this product: - flexibility in price
- suitability to use as a gift
- necessary functions included (weight measuring and recording)
This is a useful technological product and the price is acceptable for all types of clients. We are proposing more furniture and household goods END
thanks for your attention Overview 1. Background

2 Customer Satisfaction Survey

3. New Products

4. Conclusion UNIT 12 Creativity 1. Background Imagination Style Novelty Originality 2. Customer Satisfaction Survey 3. New Products Danh sách nhóm DISCUSSION Q: If you are one of the directors, what will be your standards to choose a product? Prices Customers' needs Main features Unique Tell us your choice! Base on the discussion above, tell us your choice. Which one of the products introduced above is the most satisfied to you? Group members 1. Thach Ha Thuc Hien
2. Cao Thi Cam Tien
3. Tran Thi My Tien
4. Ly Minh Nguyet
5. Dinh Nguyen Minh Uyen 4104824
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