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!980 US Boycotts the olympics

By Erin Dougherty

Erin Dougherty

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of !980 US Boycotts the olympics

US boycotts the Olympics in 1980 Background The US said that we would boycott the Moscow Olympics if the Soviets did not withdraw from Afghanistan. The Soviest invaded Afghanistan in 1979, this got President Jimmy Carter very mad. The United States were not the only ones who boycotted the Moscow Olympics. The president at this time who lead the U.S. in this boycott was... Jimmy Carter 61 nations joined together and boycotted the olympics some including: Canada The US boycotted the Oylmpics because of the Soviet invasion on Afghanistan Bahamas China Somalia Many people did not have faith in Carter. They said he needs better presidential leadership. Some countries said that the olympic games should be postponed. In President Carter's State of the Union message he announced the boycott. Would the U.S. House of Representatives agree with Carter and pass the boycott???? YES!!!!
They voted 386-12 to go with Carter's plans. NBC NBC lost a lot of money because of the boycott. NBC had paid $85 million to get the rights to broadcast these olympics. .dsjkhfl NBC was planning on broadcasting 152.5 hours of the Olympic game for Americans to watch.
They had sold 98% of commercial spots by 1980.
NBC was planning on having a $25 million profit from these games. On the plus side... NBC bought insurance just in case something happened, about 90% of the money they paid was made up. Sources:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1980_Summer_Olympics_boycott What about the athletes? Carter had a meeting with 150 athletes and coaches and told them about the boycott. The athletes were all devastated. Some of them said that it was easy to back the president's decision as a citizen, but as an athlete it was hard. Most of the athletes reluctantly supported the president's decision.
Some of them said that he was politicizing the games. Boycotting the oylmpics this year did not have a big effect on the Soviets in Afghanistan
They stayed in Afghanistan for nearly a decade later. One thing it did effect was the reputation of the Moscow Olympics. What do you think? Was this boycott succesful? Or was this
boycott a failure? THE END!!!

THANKS FOR LISTENING!!! By: Erin Dougherty
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