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Gassaway: What is an Essay? 2013-2014

How to Write an Essay

Wendy Gassaway

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Gassaway: What is an Essay? 2013-2014

Writing an Essay
What is an Essay?
There are many types of Essays
The word essay roughly means 'to argue' or 'to talk'.
An essay is about communicating an idea, making an argument, or telling a purposeful story.
All essays follow a specific pattern
Persuasive Essay
Tries to convince a reader of a point of view using logical reasons that support a position.
Examples of topics for PERSUASIVE essays could be:
XBox is better than PS3.
Facebook should be allowed in schools.
Time between classes should be longer.
Explanatory Essay
This type of essay is all about explaining or describing something
Examples of essay titles would be:
How to succeed in school.
How to use Minecraft to impress people.
How students spend their time after school.
The Narrative Essay
For example “The time I learned NOT to tease my brother so much” would be a narrative essay.
The Narrative essay
uses a single well told story (usually a true story) as a way to share an opinion or a truth about life.
Body Point #1
Body Point #2
Body Point #3
What does an Essay look like?
How do I 'even start man'?
Sure, different types of essays exist, but I bet you are wondering what 'exactly' do I include in an essay? What is it supposed to end up looking like?
Starting an Essay is the easy part.

All you needs is a
and a
, and in most cases they are given to you.


School needs to start at 10am and end at 5pm
Guides you to your
Now that you have chosen a
you need to figure out
you're going to support your thesis.

There is a trick to this...
The first paragraph of the essay that
catches the reader's attention
introduces the general topic
states the thesis (main idea of the essay).
This paragraph does not contain any specific details.
An essay it is built the same as a good home. You need a roof (
walls to hold up the roof (The Thesis
), and finally a foundation to support your home (
School should start at 10 and end at 5pm
Parents & students 'get out' at the same time.
Better prepared for the work world after school.
Research shows increased school grades & attend.
Staring school later in the day is beneficial
to students and their families.
Body Supports
3-5 Sentences
1-3 Sentences
1-2 Sentences
3-5 Sentences
1-3 Sentences
1-2 Sentences
Restate Body Points
End Essay with "awe"
Did you see that!
You know....about the intro and the conclusion?
Using the sheet provided fill out your Essay Outline from a
of your choice.
= One Paragraph
Body Paragraphs
Each body paragraph is about a different idea that supports or explains the thesis.
This paragraph
restates the thesis (the main idea)
reviews the body paragraphs
includes a “So What.”
makes the essay feel finished.
Each body paragraph will have
a topic sentence
big ideas +say mores
a concluding sentence

Sound familiar?
You've finished watching! The last two steps are homework!

Last Steps: Write your summary for the video on your note page as well as your HOT(Higher Order Thinking) question.

Make sure your notes are complete, and submit them to Schoology before you come to class tomorrow. This Prezi is on Schoology if you want to review it. If home internet is an issue, download it to your iPad now.

If you used a paper copy of the guided notes, take a good quality picture, load them into Notability, and make the picture large enough to fill the page before submitting it.
Basic definition:
An essay is a series of paragraphs all on one main topic. It has an introduction paragraph, multiple body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
What is an Essay?

By the end of this presentation, you will know the difference between the three types of essays and what the main parts of an essay are.
As we go through the presentation, remember the following:

Stop and take notes when you see the
Use the rule of 5: write down the ideas in your own words using 5 words or less.
Power of the Pause: When you review, pause as often as you need to!
Persuasive Essay
Explanatory Essay
Credits: Ms. Broderick!
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