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on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of GoGreenSolar

Robert Curtis - Erik Enson - Cherene Etemadi -Henry Flores - David Lee - Reggie Paquette Inventory Management Inventory Requirements Inventory Considerations Perpetual Inventory System SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Competitive Analysis Marketing Recommendations Rank Pay - SEO DIY Marketing Marketing to Contractors Global Expansion Domestic Expansion Agenda Current State Alternative #1 Alternative #2 Alternative #3 Job Costing Components of Job Costing Pros/Cons Pros Cons Recommendation Implementation Invoice and Purchase Orders Thank You! Questions? Conclusion •Are items stored in an orderly manner to facilitate counting?

•Are items properly identified?

•Are inventory control systems effective?

•Are cycle counting procedures clearly defined?

•Is the inventory space adequate?

•Are inventory classifications compatible with financial accounting systems? • System for recording receipts/disbursements

• Qualified people managing inventory

• Effective auditing

• Potential growth of company COST MANAGEMENT ACCURATE RESTOCKING Discrepancies in Inventory Accurate Financial Statements Management of Inventory Levels Perpetual inventory, or continuous inventory, describes systems of inventory where information on inventory quantity and availability is updated on a continuous basis. Generally this is accomplished by connecting the inventory system with order entry. In this case, book inventory would be exactly the same as, or almost the same, as the real inventory. Defined as: Fixed Fee Jobs Time and Materials Jobs Quotes
Direct Costs
Standard Costs
Time and Materials jobs
Fixed Fee Jobs Fixed Fee Pros
Possible Higher Profits
Saves Time
Easier to bid on Jobs Fixed Fee Cons
Estimates cannot be changed
Costs may out weigh profits Time and Materials Pros
Ensures revenues exceed costs
Surprises can be quickly addressed Time and Materials Cons
Time consuming
Harder to bid on jobs Use Time and Materials Job Costing
Switch to Fixed Fee Job Costing Later Use QuickBooks for Job Costing Analyzed Last 100 Invoices and Purchase Orders Rise in competition

Changes in solar incentives Improve page rank on Google searches

In house improvements for SEO and company exposure

Marketing directed towards contractors Recommendations Weekly Review Period
Redelivery Fees Relatively affordable
100% risk free
Performance based
Rich with data
Simple to use Expand Customer Base
Utilize Marketing Opportunities

Domestic Expansion
United States

Global Expansion Sign up for major social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, (post URL).

“Where did you find us?”

Make your content headlines keyword rich

Co-promotions Cold calls

Add more keywords to bring attention to commercial installations and new development installations.

Trade Shows Key States are Growing in Solar Demand:
-Sun Belt

Incentives appearing in many states

Sun Belt States are most interested in DIY Solar Products Key Countries with Growing D.I.Y. Solar Demand:
-South Africa
-Great Britain

Affiliate Program

India, China, Greece Highest Growth in Residential/Commercial Installations GoGreenSolar has inventory stocked but is unaware of which items and how many there are. Excel Spreadsheets Pros
Low initial cost
Simple to learn software
Easy to organize data Cons
No automation
Easy to enter incorrect data
Unable to create detailed reports from the data inFlow Inventory Software Pros
Great features are included
Ease of use
Help & support Cons
Not compatible with Apple OSX
Price Inventoria Pros
Price Cons Support plan can be purchased separately Select inFlow software as choice to manage all inventory in the future Recommendation Competitive (SWOT) Analysis
Inventory Management
Inventory Control Systems
Job Costing and Invoices
Conclusion Strengths
Threats Responsiveness to customers

Energy consultations specific to customer needs
Direct customer service

Technological and information advantage

Solar panel grid analytics
Blog and press material
Staff of industry experts

Key personnel

Diverse staff
Experience using and installing product •Need for inventory management system

•Job costing discrepancies

•Organization and process improvement required for scaling operations. Internal growth challenges should be planned for with team feedback

Operational processes should be measured
Delays point out bottlenecks
Effectiveness measured through feedback Handle Growth Through Process Improvement Recommendation: Competitive Environment Solar Costs Expected to Drop 50% in 10 Years

Industry Over-Saturated by Chinese Companies

Home Improvement Centers Offering Solar
Partner with Solar Start-Ups
Make Solar Available to a Wide Audience Inventory Control Systems Competitive (SWOT) Analysis
Inventory Management
Inventory Control Systems
Job Costing and Invoices
Conclusion Recommendations 1.Sustain Competitive Advantage by Keeping Costs Low

2.Establish a DIY User Community on the GoGreenSolar Website.

3.Display Solar Panel Performance Testing on Main Website.
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