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Lesson 22 Robust Vocabulary

2nd Grade Storytown

Leslie Dungan

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 22 Robust Vocabulary

Lesson 22
Robust Vocabulary acquired assumed serious attempt extremely admit barely absurd hilarious witty If you own or buy something, you have acquired it. If you assumed something, you believed something without thinking about it. If something is absurd, it is crazy or silly. If you attempt to do something, you try to do it. When something is serious, it is important and not at all funny. Something that is extremely a certain way is very much that way. When you admit something, you agree that it is true even though you might not want to. When you can barely do something, you almost can't do it at all. When you think something is hilarious, you think it is very, very funny. If you are witty, you say things in a clever and funny way. The End If the phrase is serious, say "Now, that's serious." If it sounds hilarious, laugh.
your neighbor has broken his arm
a cream pie throwing contest
a severe thunderstorm is coming
a clown splitting his pants Here are somethings someone might try to do. If you think their attempt will succeed, say "Go for it!". If not, say "Don't attempt it!"
balance a raw egg on your nose
carry five big boxes all at once
climb a ladder to clean a window
learn to speak a new language The following may be a picture seen in a book. If the picture is absurd, laugh. If not, shake your head back and forth.
a mother pig and her piglets
a mother pig teaching her piglets to fly
a barber giving a boy a haircut
a barber giving a porcupine a haircut I believed that we would have fruit salad at lunch. Giorgio will try to walk on his hands. I think that making a sweater for a pig is silly.
I confess that I should have asked before eating the rest of the berries. A cheetah can run very fast. My Aunt Diana told me a clever joke.
Ms. Jackson said that I got my sense of humor from my father. Please speak louder - I can hardly hear you. She is very thoughtful and dedicated to her school work. When my brother dressed up like a taco shell, it was really funny. Synonyms - words that mean the same or almost the same as another word
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