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laura dowdy

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Introduction

Should Schools Wear Uniforms?

Schools around the country wear school uniforms most U.S private schools wear uniforms. Some people like uniforms some people don’t. I’m here to prove that we should have uniforms.

The bully
Schools for centuries wore uniforms. I get that wearing what you want is expressing yourself, but you could get picked on. When rich kids wear clothes not uniforms there fancy and elegant, and when poor kids wear their clothes it’s not that nice looking. So the poor kids might get picked on. Rich kids always seem to be too spoiled and so they think its ok for not being nice for people with less than them.
No money lost!
School uniforms would also lower the costs of clothes, because you only need 1 outfit. So you won’t have to buy extra clothes. I know that clothes aren’t a whole lot but it works to lower the costs. When you lower the costs with the school uniforms you can use more of the money for groceries and bills and to get a good education.
What people believe
People that think school uniforms are wrong believe that you can only express yourself with what you look like and what clothes you wear, but uniforms let you not be judged by what you wear so people will listen to what you have to say. So it’s good that people aren’t focused on your appearance and are focusing on your personality.
So remember schools should wear uniforms because of lower costs on clothes. Also not being a bullied kid because of your clothes. Last because of not being able to talk to people because they think you look weird. That’s why.
The Uniforms
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