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Harry Jerome Biography

No description

Caleb H.

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Harry Jerome Biography

A life lesson I learned from Harry Jerome is to stay strong at all times. Harry had suffered injuries and stood strong and came back the next time.
Harry "Henry" Winston Jerome was
born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
on September 30, 1940. He also had 5 other brothers and sisters.

Harry Jerome went through hard times in his life.When he moved to British Columbia when he was young he endured racism not only as a youngster but as a competitor. In the Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia had ended up last place and after the race people criticized him that he didn't try in the race. But actually he had suffered a torn leg muscle.

A man named Bill Bowerman helped train Harry Jerome in his university years and see the potential in him


In 1951 when Harry was about eleven years old he and his family moved to British Columbia. It was tough for him because he was the only black person in his neighborhood. He was very shy as a kid but he managed.

Harry was very talented in many sports like baseball and football but his real talent was speed.He overcame racism but that didn't stop him. He earned a Master's Degree in Physical Education and a Bachelor's in Science at the University of Oregon.
At just 18 Harry broke the old Canadian record for the 220 yard sprint. People started to notice him and at the olympic trials he beat the record for 100 meter which was at the time 10 seconds.
On December 7, 1982 Harry died of a brain aneurysm. Harry was remembered as one of the best Canadian Sprinters and will leave a legacy. Now in his home town of Vancouver there is a statue that tributes him. He was also inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame .

Life Lesson
Harry had many accomplishments throughout his career like earning two gold medals in two straight olympics. But it was also his determination, when in the 1962 olympics he had suffered a possible career ending injury but he came back and won the bronze medal the next year.
Why He's Famous?
What I can infer about Harry is that he is hard working person. I infer this because even when he went through hard times he still never gave up and kept up his hard work.
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