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Electronic dice using Nuvoton Board

No description

Adyani Nur

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Electronic dice using Nuvoton Board

Initial Solution
New Solution
Propose Design
Helps to ease the usage of die to determine random number

The result is dependable and fix.

Offer option for the user in choosing their die number.
> Initial Solution

> New Solution
Block diagram of electronic device
The switch button is on (input of the system), the Nuvoton board (act as microcontroller)
Nuvoton board will function to decide the behavior of the LED and may switch the pattern.
The final part is the LED which is the output of the dice system will randomly light.
This project use Nuvoton Board to which random number will appear at single toss.

The proposed solution - how many dice will be used by the player can be displayed on the Nuvoton Board LCD.

ARM® Cortex™-M0 processor & µVision IDE - to generate the function on Nuvoton board.
lectronic Dice Using Nuvoton Board

Manual operation can be manipulated by an expert
Player also can employ a trick on their opponent when the games are on.
The tendency of losing the dice during tossing is high
Problem statement
After facing some problems with hardware, we decided to implement the coding and change to display the number of die used on the Nuvoton display screen.
the flow chart show flow of work in the system.
The user can make choice either to use single dice or double dice.

If user want to use single dice, they have to play with button number 1.

For two dice, user need to push the button number 2.

The result/random number will appear on 'result' in the screen.

Upgrading so that user can view the result without the need to stare at the LCD screen - LED circuit.

User can customize the preferred number of the dice face.
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