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Music Videos: Through the lens of the male gaze

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Syeda Fizza Hussain

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of Music Videos: Through the lens of the male gaze

By: Fizza Hussain
999308413 Music Videos:
Through the lens of the male gaze
"I am the eye, you are my victim.”
-Duran Duran tour program This line very easily sums up the position that women have in today’s music industry. Sheri Kathleen Cole says, “Whoever controls the ‘eye’—…the camera, the gaze, or the image—also controls the ‘victim’—the subject, the photographer’s fetish object, most notably women” (Cole, 1999). Just looking at North America only, many different stereotypes thrive within the media today, To help understand the position of women, the classic gendered stereotypes should be understood. Women in the media today have been portrayed as the innocent and passive one. Women get stereotyped to be the weak ones and therefore are showed as the sexual objects. “To be feminine is to be available, responsive and open to male sexual advances ( Ott and Mack, 186) The gaze of the camera that is being spoken about, by Cole, is called the male gaze. Male gaze, as defined by Ott and Mack is “the cinemas frequent positioning of women as objects coded for strong visual and erotic impact” (Ott and Mack, 305). The male gaze is not just seen in the music industry, it can be seen through various forms of entertainment, including movies and even photography. Doesn’t matter what the form of entertainment is, the male-dominant gaze enjoys objectifying women into objects just for the pleasure of being looked at. A producer, an artist or a photographer know the fact that sex sells, so they sell it. Scopophilia is a term that means” the pleasure that comes from the process of looking” (Ott and Mack, 161).The one at the watching end of the male gaze is prone to scopophilia, where the pleasure is derived by looking at women. Music producers know the fact women are liked to be seen as sexual objects, and they use it to their advantage so that they may earn profits. Bibliography "Enculturation: Sheri Kathleen Cole." Enculturation: Sheri Kathleen Cole. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. <http://enculturation.gmu.edu/2_2/cole/>.

"Vegan World Network: Book Review: The Pornography of Meat." Vegan World Network: Book Review: The Pornography of Meat. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. <http://www.vegansworldnetwork.org/topic_book_pornography_of_meat.php>.

Critical Media Studies: An introduction
Brian L. Ott and Robert L. Mack Our society is filled with images in all types of media, but it’s mostly filled with images of pleasure and satisfaction. Music videos, today, seem to emphasize male dominance. With the help of the analysis of this song, it is evident that media is driven by male dominance. We can see that media has the concept that men are superior to females and it is their right to be able to gaze and consume them. The male gaze is present in every type of media, and many artists and producers take advantage of the fact that there is a pleasure that is derived just from looking. The main benefit of any music video to an artist is of promoting their music. When a song has a video, its exposure doubles as compared to when there was just an audio component playing on the radio or platforms like iTunes. Artists aim for maximizing profit and it’s easy to believe that doubling exposure will lead to more profits. Music videos portray women the way men want to see them-sexually stimulating yet passive and able to be easily dominated. Women being degraded has extended and expanded over the years and over various genres of music For the purpose of this essay, the music industry will be used as a means to prove the existence of male gaze. The song I chose is “Calabria” by Enur feat. Natasja which has a music video on YouTube. Upon further analysis it will proven that the song has the male gaze where women are objectified for the mere purpose of gaining profit, Text for the voice over(if needed ) The dancers look identical and seem to be there only for their sex appeal, mere objects It seems that they are devoid of any personality, identical objects that are used to enhance the male gaze. The women are not smiling nor frowning: they are expressionless. They‘re glistening from head to toe, as if they were oiled up, another factor to make the women look more sexually appealing.
We have the singer, who has her towards us. We still haven’t seen the her full face yet, but at least we know how her gluteus maximus looks like! A clear point of degrading the woman, by giving her behind more importance
It then splits the screen and has a woman dancing in her underwear right next to the singer. Watching her can derive scopophilia for the men, or subject of the gaze
Here all it takes him is to point at them for them to undress and dance for him. This is a clear representation of women being available when needed for whatever satisfaction desired by men. As depicted, the video is laced with the ideas of male dominance and the reduction of female’s status to nothing but a sexual object.
There is constant dancing in the video. The video also contains the fragmentation of women’s bodies. It cuts to images of their appealing sexual parts of their bodies, oftentimes showing movements that are sexually attractive.

There is constant dancing in the video. The video also contains the fragmentation of women’s bodies. It cuts to images of their appealing sexual parts of their bodies, oftentimes showing movements that are sexually attractive.
A women is seen in a tennis outfit standing in a rather welcoming posture, and showing a position similar to sexual encounters

The male viewer can consume the female bodies by their gaze as a source of satisfaction or power. Throughout the video, the camera angle is constantly fragmenting the women’s bodies sometimes moving to show her womanly goods. since the women in the video are the object of the gaze, the viewer is able to see the women from the male’s gaze, and enter into the battle power and dominance between the two.Man is constantly fixing his tie. The tie is represented as a phallic symbol- a symbol of male superiority and dominance.
The woman by the car is standing there soaking herself while the man stands and watches, this represents the idea of scopophilia again. She seems to be putting on a show for him as if to be an object for entertainment. His gaze serves as an illumination function and allowed the male gaze to be seen within the video.
Hes walking off while the women all are half naked performing for merely his pleasure representing the way women are portrayed in today's media
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