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Serena Knight

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Anglicans

Anglicanism is the part of Christianity that is a mixture of the Catholic and the Protestant faiths. It's main belief is that the two beliefs combined makes the "middle way" and that they must respect the pope, since he is one of the leaders among many. Anglicans can be female, married, or divorced. They have the basic Christian beliefs, such as the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus. In America, Anglicanism is divided because many Anglicans do not accept unequals, such a married man being a priest.
What is Anglicanism?
Place of Worship
Anglicans worship in churches, halls, The Anglicans worship in a church called an Anglo-Catholic Church. They go to the church every Sunday because they believe it is the Lord’s Day. They have a special book, which they use to worship, it is called The Book of Common Prayer. Anglican ceremonies are centered on the great sacraments of Eucharist and baptism, as well as other sacramental rites.

Special Anglican Clothes
Anglican Choir
History of Anglicanism...
Anglicanism means "of England" when translated but Anglican churches exist worldwide. Anglicanism started around the 6th Century in England. Anglicanism first started as a part of the Roman church, but the Celtic influence separated the two faiths. At first, Anglicanism was spread out to the world by English Colonizers, then missionaries started to spread to around the world.

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Fun Facts.............
Anglicanism has 87 million people following it in 157 countries.
Also, more than half of all Anglicans live in Africa.
Batman (from the comic book) is an Anglican.
Who are the Anglicans
By Serena, Sanjana, Helen, and Khadeeja


Anglican Church and Symbol
Is there anything special with the way they worship?
Theres a book called ''The Book of Worship'' the smal print in the book is for important people like prime ministers the larger print is for all the Anglicans mainly what the writing is meant to say is how to live life in a proper way this is diffrent with other religions because they usually have a book with rules for everybody not for specific people.
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