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India-Pakistan Migration of 1947

Mrs. Duddles Period 2

Leanna Arjune

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of India-Pakistan Migration of 1947

India/Pakistan Migration in 1947 By Leanna Arjune The most important thing about the India/Pakistan Migration in 1947 is that Hindus migrated to India, while Muslims migrated to Pakistan after the Partition. International Migration After the Partition of India, about 7.2 million Hindus migrated from the new country of Pakistan to the New India, while about 7.3 million Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan. Hindus Muslims Hindus Muslims Forced Migration Muslims were most likely killed if they were still in India after the partition. Hindus and Sikhs were most likely killed if they were in Pakistan after the partition. Push Factors India- Harsh attititudes toward Muslims, including death Pakistan- Harsh attitudes for anyone who wasn't Muslim, including death Pull Factors India- Freedom to practice religion (Except for Islam) Pakistan-Freedom to practice Islam Gravity Model People didn't live very far from the Borders of India and Pakistan. Immigrants from West Pakistan mostly lived in Delhi and the Indian part of Punjab, while immigrants from East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh) lived in eastern and northeastern India. Immigrants from India mostly lived in the Pakistani part of Punjab and Sindh. Chain Migration Muslims migrated to be with Muslims, and Hindus/Sikhs migrated to be with other Hindus and Sikhs. Intervening Obstacles Many people died of starvation and fatigue before they even reached the border. Over 1 million people were killed by people of other religions (Muslims killing Hindus, vice versa) before they reached the border. Attitudes People were mostly welcoming to immigrants that shared their religion. Refugees who had migrated during the 1947 India - Pakistan partition riots from Pakistan's Punjab province to India's Jammu and Kashmir stage a protest in Jammu, India, Monday, March 9, 2009. West Pakistan refugees, as they are known as have been residents for the past 60 years and are Indian citizens, but cannot buy property, get employment in the state or vote in the state assembly elections as they do not have permanent resident status. All of this is important, but...
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