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Digital Materials for English Classes

No description

cansu duru

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Digital Materials for English Classes

Unit 9- Living Beings (Animals)

Spider Scribe
Digital Materials for 6th Grade English Classes

Spider scribe
Aim: to teach body parts of the animals
Instruction: Let's have a look at some new words about animals.
Aim: to exercise names of the animals and their parts of the bodies
Instruction: Look at this map, let's fill in the blanks. What should be this one? etc. ( by pointing on the screen)
Aim: listening & speaking
Aim: to teach names of the some animals and their parts of the bodies
Instruction: Let's have a look at this poster. Here are some new words. (teach animals by eliciting)
Aim: to make students write riddles about animals ( communicative activity)
Instruction: Look at this cartoon. ( ss read the cartoon) Girl asks a riddle to her mom. (teacher explains if ss don't know what a riddle is. )Now, work in pairs and write your own riddle about an animal. (after they write, teacher wants them to ask their riddle to the class.)
Aim: to make students introduce their favorite animal to their friends.
can be used before spider scribe
Instruction: Watch this animation carefully. What does penguin tell about his friends to bear? (after they watch, teacher asks the question again and ss answer. Expected answer is " it describes his friends to bear") Now,on a separate piece of paper, write 3 sentences to describe your favorite animal( after they write, they switch papers with their pairs, and teacher wants them to add one more sentence about that animal, then descriptions are shared with the class.
Aim: group discussion
Instruction: Look at this cartoon. What is the matter with the lion? ( SS read and state the problem) Now, work in group of 4. Decide which animal can be the new king? And why? you have 5 minutes. ( be sure your students discuss the topic in English.) (When time is up, Teacher asks the decisions of the groups in turn)
Aim: reading for specific information& writing
Instruction: Read the story and on a separate piece of paper, write down the names of the animals which Sally sees at the zoo. (after they read and write, open the last page of the story) what does Sally do at home? Read this page again. (expected answer is she is "waiting her dad, she will tell him about animals at the zoo") Now, imagine that you are Sally. Write 2 sentences for each animal, describe them to your father. (after they write, teacher collects all papers and gives them to students randomly. ) This time you are the father. Read the description and add one more sentence for Sally. ( then 'fathers' read the sentences and say 'well done' to their daughter Sally.
Cansu Duru
teacher can either show this though the link or print it out.
Instruction: Listen to Paul. He will ask you some questions. (after listening) What did he ask? (do you have a pet?) Yes, do you have a pet? ( if students say yes, teacher asks them to describe it and wants others to guess it/ if answer is no, teacher asks Paul's other question.) which animal would you like to adopt as a pet, describe it. ( then others try to guess)
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