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The animals

eating stuff, adaptation for eating, obtaining, or digesting

Lee Jeff

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of The animals

The Mkay By Jeff Lee welcome everyone (once again) to the Jeff's
'A' project world.
In this prezi i will show different animals'
food life mkay. Human The creative mammal, human. Omnivore We human chew use tools,and tear off the foods to obtain the needed materials, use saliva and digestive system to digest the food. But in Rrrusia, you don chew food.
Food chew you. Eagle yup yup Carnivore yup yup sky's prince yup yup This bird tears & rip off!
Use beack, and swallow
without chewing.
Do have digestive system.
It's stomach is little bit
thicker. yup yup Yeah, the tall guy Giraffe They chew. Gotta problem with the length? Horn
Horn Cow Kao? No not that word They munch....I mean muching......
still....yeah.....keep munching Tounge Lion In the jungle the mighty jungle
the LIONS .................. never mind They rip, tear, chew.
Does use saliva.
have digestive system.
The digestive systems are smaller than most herbivore animals. Panda mkay Time for kungfu! mkay mkay Thanx 4 watching these Herbivore Herbivore Carnivore from: google From: google From: baidu.com From: baidu.com From: apple.com From: google.com 4 stomach! also 4 stomach! strong teeth! Herbivore Use teeth to chew, and chew to obtain
needed materials.
Does use saliva.
Do have digestive system. Chew to obtain needed materials.
Does use saliva.
Have digestive system. They ruminate when they
munch They chew, and break stuffs to obtain energy.
Does use saliva.
Do have digestive system. No saliva! HUMAN EAGLE GIRAFFE COW LION PANDA Type of foot to eat way to eat Saliva? Digestive system Omnivore Carnivore Herbivore Herbivore Carnivore Herbivore Chew
Use tool Chew
Rip Chew Chew
Ruminate Chew
Rip Chew
Break Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Normal 4 stomach 4 stomach small
system Normal Thich
stomach 10 animals Anglerfish carnivore from: google.com Attracts other fishes using the
thing on his upper chin.
Chew to eat.
Use teeth and tongue to swallow.
Has a normal fish organs. I know i have bad looking!
so stop lookin' at me! Frog Ribbit Adult frogs follows the carnivorous classification.
They swallow the food without chewing, but still
uses saliva.
Snatches the flying target to eat.
Inside the stomach, the bile is always full. Ribbit Who let the dogs out. woof woof woof! Dog Carnivore Tear, chew, and shake
around the food to eat. From: baidu.com Uses siliva, tongue to swallow. Normal digestive system Platypus Quack Carnivore (Eats fish and shells) Keeps the food in it's cheek and
break it down with saliva.
Swallows with tongue. Normal digestive system. Angler
fish Frog Dog Platypus Carnivore Carnivore Carnivore Carnivore Chew Just
Swallow Chew
Shake around Just
swallows No Yes Yes Yes Top
Secret Normal Normal Noraml From: baidu.com From: google
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