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ethan del mer-emelio

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of introduction

aloha my name is Ethan Delmar-Emelio and I will be talking to you about different leaders and the places they came from I ,hope you enjoy it.

Ancient Greece: The
Reign Of Pericles
Han Wudi was the longest leader in chines history he reigned between 141 and 147 b.c.e he took on the throne when he was 16 years old upon the death of his father emperor Jing . In 135 b.c
Han decided to go to war with the Xiongu because they would not except there peace offering.
Ashoka was the third ruler of the Mauryan Empire soon after his death the mauryan Empire slit and ended he is remembered as a great ruler in world historyand the greatest ruler in india Mauryan found the dynasty in 326 b.ce both he and his son Bindusara's were successful warriors, unifying northern india and part of the modern afganistan for the first time in history ashoka's son and daughter both became buddhist missionaries
ancient china : the reign of
emperor Han Wudi
pericles was the most important statesman and politcion of classic athnes he was great freind with a sculpter,phidias, to whom he entrusted supervision of the construcion of the parathon . the two most iportant ancient souses for thcydided, who admired him and focused his account in the history of the peloponnesian war pericles and the moralizing and Gossipy plutarch nwho wrote his lives of the noble Greeks and romans about 500 years later after fathering two sons he divorced his wife to live with his misress, apasia, who along with his friends and politics allies, became the butt of often-bawdy jokes of poular comics and dramastic. pericles deid in 429 b.c.e
Mauryan Empire : the reign of Ashoka
ancient rome of augustus
ancient Rome : the reign of Augustus

Augustus was a ltitle givin to Octavian when he became the first empror of the roman Empire and estblished the institutional framework that would serve romans for 300 years . Octavon was the adopted son and hier of Julius Caesar. His rule initiated a 200 tear period of pace wich ended a century of Roman civil wars. he was born on september of 23, 63 b.c.e in rome his father was Gaius Octavius and his mother was , atia , was the niece of Julius Ceasar . His grandmother julia was Ceaser older sister .
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