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Themes in The Other Wes Moore

Mr. Jacobs English

Suki Chen

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Themes in The Other Wes Moore

Themes in
The Other Wes Moore
By: Wes Moore

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Author Wes Moore:
Wes was the "man" in the house after his father passed away. He had the responsibility to look after his little sister Shani. He had the responsibility to protect her. Shani was playing with her friends, Lateshia and Ingrid when a dispute broke out. Shani got punched in the face by Lateshia. When Wes found out, he went to Lateshia's house and confronted her and made sure her older brother heard. Lateshia's brother was older and bigger, but Wes still said the things he needed to say in order to make sure nothing will happen to Shani.
Responsibility & Entitlement
The Other Wes Moore Responsibility:
In the beginning of entering the "drug game" world, Wes had the job to provide drugs for buyers. People supply him with the drugs and he sell them. After awhile, he earned a lot of money and was able to buy many brand name clothing. His older brother found out about it and gave him a beating. Later on, his mom Mary actually found the box of drugs hidden in his room and flushed the drugs down the toilet. When Wes knew that they were gone, he got nervous, because he's responsible for the drugs, if they're gone, he doesn't have the money to give back to the suppliers. Therefore, that's a sense of responsibility Wes had.
Wes feels entitled to follow Tony's footsteps. Even though Tony tells Wes not to do what he does which is getting involved with drugs, he's thinking 'If Tony can do it, why can't I?'. Also because Tony is the only role model Wes has, he feels entitled to be like Tony and do what he does because he looks up to him the most and wants to be just like him.
Influences from Friends and Family
Author Wes Moore:
Wes got influenced to do a lot of bad and good things. He knew a guy named Shea and he was in the "drug game" as well. There was a time where they saw names spray painted on walls also known as graffiti. Shea decided to tag his name on the wall, since he was doing it, Wes eventually did the same and that led both of them in the backseat of a cop car. When Wes was sent to military school, he didn't like it at first but then started to enjoy the moment. Because military school was so hard and he was not used to it, he had to try harder so he can improve as a person. Military school influenced him a lot because afterward, he became a whole different person than he was before.
Influences from Friends and Family
Other Wes Moore:
Tony was a huge influence in Wes's life. Because Tony was his only role model, what Tony does influences what Wes does starting at an early age. Tony didn't actually influence Wes verbally but his actions sure did put an image in Wes's head. Tony's "doings" made Wes want to do the same or similar. The people around Wes were not any better. Most of his friends were involved in the "drug game". No one was there to stop him, no one was there to give a good impression, so Wes ended up life in prison.
Author Wes Moore:
When Wes was in military school, we worked himself up to become a Sergeant. He was the youngest sergeant yet. He had a sense of leadership because he was on top and he is able to lead and look after the plebes and lower class men.
Suki Chen
Other Wes Moore:
He was once a leader of a group of drug dealers. Wes was sentenced life in prison, while he was there he became a devout Muslim and is now a leader in the significant Muslim community in the Jessup prison.

He was entitled to do well in military school and graduate from it after knowing all the affort his family had to go through to gather the money for him to enter military school.
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