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Reality Therapy

No description

Kierston Bolston

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy
Choice Theory
Choice Theory states that we are not born blank slates waiting to be motivated by external forces
We are born with five genetically encoded needs that drive us our entires lives
Choice Theory
Choices Theory teaches that we do not directly satisfy our own needs.
We keep track of what makes us feel good throughout our lives
The information that we store helps us build our Quality world
The world that we would like to live in
Think of your Quality World as a picture album of what you want and how we will get what we want  

Choice Theory and Behavior
Choice Theory states that all we do from birth to death is behave.
Our behavior is our best attempt to satisfy our needs.
Total Behavior is made up of four components
Wubbolding added that behavior is language. The purpose of behavior is to influence the world to get what we want.

Reality Therapy
Reality Therapy provide a system for helping individuals take more control over their lives.
Reality Theory is based on Choice theory
Reality Therapist believe the problem with most clients are usually the same, they are either in a present unsatisfying relationship or they lack a relationship .  

Reality Therapy Characteristics
Keep therapy in the present
Many clients come into counseling thinking that they will be talking about the past
Reality therapist believe that whatever mistakes were done in the past don't matter, what matters most is the choices you make now

Reality Therapy Characteristics
Avoid focusing on symptoms
Traditionally a lot of counseling time is focused on symptoms
Reality Therapist reject that ideal, claiming that focusing on the symptoms protects clients from facing the present problems.
Reality Therapist view symptoms as the body's way of warning a person that their behavior is not satisfying their basic needs

Reality Therapy Characteristics
Reject Transference
Reality therapist believe that transference is a way that both therapist and client avoid owning up to what they are doing now.
For example a client could see a counselor as their parent, the counselor could sense that and act accordingly

Reality Therapy Characteristics
Emphasis on Choice and Responsibility
People are responsible for what they do.
Reality Therapist focus on areas in which a client can choose what to do.
"We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun."
-William Glasser
The Players
William Glasser
Rejected Freudian model of counseling
Published book “Reality Therapy” in 1965
Robert E.Wubbolding
Director of the Center for Reality Therapy  in Cincinnati
Extended Reality Therapy by creating the WDEP system
Initiated Reality Therapy in the UK
Kierston Bolston
Michael Gotell

Survival/ Self Preservation
Love and Belonging
Power/ Inner Control
Freedom/ Independance
Fun/ Enjoyment

"We are social creatures that need to give and receive love.."
-William Glasser
Challenge traditional views of mental illnesses
Choice theory rejects the notion that people with physical and psychological symptoms are mentally ill.
Glasses believed that psychiatry is dangerous to a person's mental and physical health

The "WDEP" System
W= Wants and Needs
D= Direction and Doing
E= Self- Evaluation
P= Planning
Do's and Don'ts of Reality Therapy
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