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Imperatives and Infinitives for giving suggestions

No description

Belen Donnadieu Hernandez

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Imperatives and Infinitives for giving suggestions

Imperatives and Infinitives for giving suggestions
the objective for this presentation is to inform about the imperatives and infinitives for giving suggestions to the students of English 4.
Be sure to...
Don't forget to...
Make sure to...

Verb in base form
Remember to...
Try not to...
Be sure to

warm up
before exercising.
Don't forget to

your homework.
Make sure to

on time for the class.
Remember to

your lunch.
Try not to

your notebook at home.
Activity 1
Autumn is here and the weather is getting cold!

Write a list 10 suggestions to not get sick in this season. For example:
-Be sure not to play in the rain.
-Don't forget to drink water.
-Remember to use a scarf.
Activity 2
Watch this scene from the movie "Mulan". Then, write a list of 10 suggestions that you would say to Mulan when she is living her home. For example:
-Don't forget to say goodbye.
-Be sure to eat before you go.
Maria Jose Carmelo Samaniego
Belen Maria Donnadieu Hernandez
Caleb Ivan Moreno Vazquez
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