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BUS 360W Verbal Report

No description

Vahid Golchin

on 19 March 2011

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Transcript of BUS 360W Verbal Report

Report: M-Commerce Progress in Report Work Already Done Goals Schedule Have not reached the high quality of work
We are working hard to achieving this
We have successfully met all project deadlines and will continue to do so Succesfully met to work on the project on our designated times
We are slighlty behind schedule for Report submission 2
Solution: Meet more often during this week and the next
Completed Table of contents
Part of introduction
Found most of our research (articles, statistics) Submission 2 Submission 1 Completed planning notes
Reviewed and further developed Work to do Finish introduction
Start the body
Based on our research find reasonable and valid recommendations Analysis of Sources Sources follow 3 R's Feedback Session Provide constructive criticism
Discuss our goals and how to reach them
Allocate each members skills for the specific tasks
Revise our completed work Other Important Info Address HR issues in this case
Focus on Professionalism
Must find relevant info in order to persuade the audience with valuable facts Submission 2 Whole Report Strategies Adding Value BUS 360W Verbal Report:
Vahid Golchin
Ye Lin Yoon
Preksha Simoniha
Li Ning Xu Thank You
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