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Test 2 Review SOC-210

No description

Phillip S

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Test 2 Review SOC-210

Test 2 Review SOC-210
In Asch's study, which of the following decreased instances of conformity?
A) Answers being given verbally
B) Participants being asked to stand while answering
C) The respondents not being studied by the experimenter having one person who gave the correct answer
D) Both A&C
Which level of Merton's theory goes along with society's means for achieving a goal, while not actually pursuing the goal?
Which of the following two trends have typically occured together in industrialized nations:
A) Increased adoption and increased marriage rates
B) Increased age of marriage and increased average number of children
C) Decreased age of marriage and decreased average number of children
D) Increased age of marriage and decreased average number of children
E) Decreased adoption and decreased marriage rates
Which level of Merton's theory rejects society's goals and society's means for achieving the goal while also proposing an alternative goal and means?
A) Retreatism
B) Rebellion
C) Innovation
D) None of the above
Which of the following refers to a social position given at birth or received involuntarily later in life?

A) Achieved Status
B) Conformity
C) Ascribed Status
D) Ritualism
Which of the following is true of the "Davis-Moore Thesis"

A) Inequality will eventually go away
B) Inequality is unnecessary for a smooth functioning of society
C) Inequality is inevitable, but not truly necessary for a smooth functioning society
D) Inequality is inevitable and necessary for a smooth functioning society
E) None of the above
Which level of Kohlberg's moral development theory is predominantly concerned with other people's perceptions?
A) Pre-Conventional
B) Conventional
C) Post-Conventional
Which sentence most accurately summarizes Cooley's "Looking Glass Self"?

A) I am who I think I am
B) I am who you think I am
C) I am, who I think, you think I am
Demographers project that most of the world population growth in the future will occur

A) In the "First world" (Developed World)
B) In the "Third World" (Developing World)
C) In the ocean
In Mead's "Role Taking" theory, which part of the self is:
"composed of the internalized attitudes and demands of other members of society"

A) The "I"
B) The "Me"
C) The "You"
D) The "Ego"
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