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Zappos Resume

Derick Baumgartner

Derick Baumgartner

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Zappos Resume

Why? Why? Because emotions are
contagious Why are you excited and passionate about search? 2002 2005 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Began Work at Raging River 2003 2004 2006 2007 Started work at Raging Rivers.
I mowed the lawn and cleaned the
bathrooms. Shouted the safety speech
to all the people riding go
karts. Pushed everyone down the
water slide. Made sure
everyone was safe. Got promoted to Aquatics Manager. In charge of daily operations of the entire water park. Hired and trained a staff of 30 lifeguards. Graduated High School
Was awarded friendliest guy at Century High
Shattered my
Femoral Artery Moved to Denver, CO
Started work at Texas de Brazil
Started School at Learned how to create amazing dining experiences for people. 2008 Learned the concept of sustainably from
Professor Duber-Smith.
Sustainability = Constant Improvement 2010 Joined Duber-Smiths
open for business program.
Helped build a website for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that helped immigrants to Denver find their home cultures 2009 2011 Became a Corporate Trainer at Texas de Brazil. Trained 112 servers how to provide wow service to our guests. July 1st, 2011
Moved to Las Vegas &
Became the Social Media Manager
for Texas de Brazil
Ryan Shewchuk
Hand delivered by Derick from @TexasDeBrazil. They know how to wow their followers! Thanks again! Graduated College
Bachelors of Science
Marketing What we dream... ...is all that matters Created Google adwords campaigns for each Texas de Brazil. We have 24 across the country. Wowed our followers Built Texas de Brazil's Mobile
Website 19 years old
200lbs 145 lbs
25 years old Did a 90 day challenge
Goal- Get a 6 pack Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of people across the country providing amazing experiences to our guests TdB's Facebook page has grown by 16,000 fans over the past year and three months. What is
your goal? To make everyone
around me happy Why I feel I would be a good culture fit for Zappos
I love service
I love to give
I love technology and the rate it is changing
I love to create, especially fun
I love to connect with people
I love adventure
I love to learn Three things I want to do everyday for the rest of my life
1. Make the people around me smile
2. Build community
3. Be grateful Vegas has taught me one thing... What I have been doing in
Las Vegas
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