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Fast Food Eating Habits

By Vedashri Shimpi AND Isha Rege

Vedashri Shimpi

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of Fast Food Eating Habits

By: Isha Rege and Vedashri Shimpi A Fast Food Survey for Intermediates at RBPS Do you Take out(Drive Thru), Dine In, or Deliver Your Fast Food? Do you think your eating habits are healthy? What is your favorite fast food restaurant? How many times do you eat at a Fast Food restaurant in 1 month? Conclusion Here's Our Conclusion Video: Introduction Here's Our Introduction Video: Bloopers! Will you try to go to Fast Food restaurants less? Thank you for taking your time to watch this presentation. We hope you enjoyed it!!!

ANY QUESTIONS? Answers Tallies Frequency Take Out Dine In Deliver |||| |||| |||| 15 |||| |||| |||| || 17 |||| |||| 9 Answers Tallies Frequency Yes No IDK |||| |||| || 12 |||| ||| 8 |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| 24 Answers Tallies Frequency Yes No IDK 12 |||| |||| || |||| |||| || 12 |||| |||| |||| |||| 19
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