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Christian Stifler

Imma G

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Christian Stifler

Stocks Quiksilver Boardshorts Shorts Short and long sleeve ts Shirts Sweatshirts Jeans Pants Tanks Jackets Finish Line Shoes clothing Fan shop Accessories Christian Stiffler
Period 4 Quiksilver
Profit=$15,847.90 Finish Line
Profit=562.89 The reason I chose my two companys is because I support both by wearing their merchandise. Finish Line has over 700 stores in 47 states There are between 600 and 1,300 different kinda of athletic foortwear in every store. 15% of all sales come from apperarel and accessories. Made $560 million in 2005 Founded in Australia Quiksilver has been on a steady increase for the past month. Finish line has stayed on a steady pase. It hasnt increased or decreased. My advise if you were to start investing is to start watching stock before you start investing because you don want to invest on a stock that in decreasing in value. The thing I liked best about this project is that When I want to invest in the future I will know how stock work. If i got to change something about my projact I would have looked at the rates of increases and decreases of each stock befor I bought them.
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