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Wichita Tribe

No description

Anna Busch

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Wichita Tribe

by Anna Busch
Culture Groups!!
Location of this tribe
Geographic Characteristics
Economic characteristics
Economic characteristis
Social Characcteristics
Social Characteristics
Social Characteristics
Political characteristics
Political characteristics
interesting and unique facts
interesting facts
The Wichita tribe locates in the northern west area of Texas.
The geographic characteristics of the location of the Wichita tribe is: Creeks, Rivers, and Great soil types for farming.
This is the house that the Wichita tribe live in. It is made out of straw and grasses
The economic characteristics include the Wichita tribes Crafts, Trading, and Agricultural.
Introduction to
Wichita Tribe
The Wichita indiand traded with Southern Plains indians, along the Red river.
The Wichita people tatooed their faces and bodies with solids and dotted lines and called themselves racoon eyed people.
The Wichita tribe are skilled jewlery makers.
The Wichita indians are very unique and different, this separate themselves from thee other Indian tribes.
The Wichita tribe originated from Kansas, not long after the Wichita Indians moved down to the south where the land is now called Texas..
The Wichita indians wear deerskin cloth
The Wichita Tribe's clothing is only deerskin cloth.
The Wichita Indians are sucsessful farmers and hunters
These indians ranges from San Antonio to far up north in Kansas.
The Wichita indians leave their houses behind in the winter and came back in the spring to grow crops again.
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