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Soldiers Of Jah Army

No description

Danny Pittas

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Soldiers Of Jah Army

SOJA Soldiers of Jah Army [a.k.a. SOJA] is a reggae band formed in Arlington, Virginia in 1997. Wiser, Stars and Stripes EP, and Born in SOJA has made multiple albums. Soldiers of Jah Army EP, Peace in a Time of War, Get Babylon The members of SOJA are Rastafarian. This is how they got their name, because Jah is the equivalent of Jesus to Christians Though they wish to spread their religion to their listeners, they also wish to give their listeners positive music and support. Rastafarians prefer to be calls Rastas or Rastafaris because they beleive the -ian ending is too organized and inorganic. Rasta Facts Rasta Facts Rastafarians are very attached to nature and peace. This is where a lot of SOJA's influence comes from. SOJA is more than just a band. They want to reach out to their fans in less fortunate countries. Jacob Hemphill especially sees the need for assistance in these countries since he grew up in Uganda. He started giving at a young age when his father gave clothes to poor people in their city. Their whole idea of like is taking what their fans give them then giving that back to poor people. Four of the five band members met in the first grade. Because of this the members have had multiple years to collaborate with one another and learn one anothers style. SOJA also had influences from other genres such as rock and hip-hop. But they did not like how the lyrics to most songs of those genres where meaningless. SOJA got the most influence from reggae band with deep uplifting lyrics wuch as Bob Marley and similar bands. The inspiration behind this album was the 9/11 attacks. SOJA wanted to settle the international disputes without violence. SOJA is still a touring band and plans to release a new album soon. They are also looking at different ways the can contribute to our world by helping others.
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