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Year 9 Course Selection Information

No description

Kylie Duncan

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Year 9 Course Selection Information

Science in Year 10 and VCE
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Motion of objects
Heat transfer and energy flow in the Earth's atmosphere
Features of the universe and the Big Bang theory

Leads into: VCE Physics
Length: 1 Semester
Year 10 Physics
DNA, genetic inheritance, evolution by natural selection, and forensic science.
Global systems and ecology.
Leads into: VCE Biology
Length: 1 Semester
Year 10 Biology
Unit 1:
Nuclear physics and Radioactivity
Unit 2:
Wave like properties of light
Unit 3:
Motion in 1 & 2 Dimensions
Electronics and photonics
Unit 4:
Electric power
Interaction of light and matter
VCE - Physics
Unit 1:
The Periodic Table
Unit 2:
Environmental Chemistry
Water & The Atmosphere
Unit 3:
Chemical Analysis
Organic Chemical Pathways
Unit 4:
Industrial Chemistry
Supplying and Using energy
VCE - Chemistry
Unit 1:
Cells in action
Functioning organisms
Unit 2:
Adaptations of organisms
Dynamic ecosystems
Unit 3:
Molecule of life
Detecting and responding
Unit 4:
Change over time
VCE - Biology
Marine Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Physiotherapist, Doctor, Engineer, Astronomer, Agricultural scientist, Botanist, Zoologist, Nurse, Veterinarian, Chemist, Pharmacist, Dentist, Paleontologist, Food Science, Forensic pathologist, Metallurgist, Park ranger, Physicist, Psychologist, Vulcanologist, Teacher :-)
Where can science lead you??
VCE - Psychology
Unit 1:
What is psychology
Lifespan psychology
Unit 2:
Interpersonal and group behaviour
Intelligence and personality
Unit 3:
Mind, brain and body
Unit 4:
Mental health
Choose Science in 2017!
Year 10 Psychology
Social, developmental and forensic psychology, mental disorders and research methods.
Leads into: VCE Psychology
Length: 1 Semester
Year 10 Chemistry
Structure of atoms an properties of elements in the periodic table.
Types of chemical reastions

Leads into: VCE Chemistry
Length: 1 Semester
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