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A2 Media Evaluation Prezi

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Danielle Opara

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of A2 Media Evaluation Prezi

Successful? Conventions By Danielle Opara A2 Media Evaluation Brand image is the impression of a product held by real or potential consumers. (The impression a product has on its consumers). This is created by producers and enforced by the institutions. In my opinion brand image is the thing that defines an artist, a good brand image is easily recognisable. High levels of brand awareness and positive image increases the probability of a product being chosen by potential customers. New Media Technology This is a video which I created when getting audience feedback where I asked the audience to look at my products and anwser questions: Audience Feedback Finally Final Products! What are conventions!? Conventions are what the audience expect from a type of media whereas a generic convention is what the audience would expect from a more specific genre. These conventions are almost rules/ guidelines made by producers to help the audience recognise different mediums easier.
For example credits in a music video is a convention as it is seen all the time in all different music video genres. This project was about me creating a music artist and three creative products linked to her. These products being a music video, a digi pack and a official website. Before creating these products I had to conduct a lot of research into the music industry and the ways other popular artists are successful today. All of the coursework produced had to be put on my ‘Tumblr’ blog so people could access it. In this evaluation I will explain how my products were produced and why I did what I did. The Project My digi pack conventions! I my project I have used and learnt and used a number of different conventions in the different mediums I made for my artist. The genre of my artist is alternative R&B so in my research I found generic conventions which were in most R&B digi packs and from that I used conventions such as using
a range of pictures of my artist, an album title and name of my artist,
barcode, copyright logo and information section.
This makes my digi pack look more professional as it follows what has
already been successful for popular artists in the music industry today. My Digi Pack Challenging Conventions! As I wanted my artist to look different from other artists in the same genre, I wanted to challenge some conventions and for that I got inspiration from the album cover of Rihanna ‘Unapologetic’ as I felt it was one of the more rebellious album covers I had seen and didn’t fit in the standard conventions normally seen as it had writing that overlaid the artist. I did a similar thing with the writing however I chose to have the lyrics from the song overlaid instead of random words so then the audience could remember the song. Original My Digi Pack I also decided to have social networking icons such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ on the back of the digi pack as I felt it would promote synergy for my artist. Looking at other albums none had done this before making it a unique idea. Music Video Conventions! For my music video I researched what conventions are seen in general music videos and I found that credits before and after the video of the record label and the artists song title is a convention commonly used. To make my video look professional I put the same thing in my video. To make it look even more professional I used other conventions and techniques such as having the artist in the video, a performance element, lyric interpretation, lip syncing and editing. When watching other artists I saw that there were a number of camera angles frequently being used. Because of that I classed it as a convention and had to make sure that a range of different angles were included in my video as you can see below: What is Brand Image!? Example... My Brand Image! My brand image was inspired by current popular artists that are a bit different and edgy in either their own genre or in society, for example Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Delilah and Rita Ora. These artists real inspired me when creating my own products and making sure they relate and represent my artist as they all had such a strong brand image across all of their products. You were able to see that all the products came from the same artist. ‘The Kardashians’ have a brand image even though they’re normal people. The way in which they are recognised by the audience is by the way they have their hair, the way they do their make-up and the way they dress. This all helps to promote their clothing line, TV shows and perfumes. I felt the entire artists I looked at in my research were very creative with their products and I wanted to do the same with mine. I decided to use the colour gold, black and white on every product as a house style for my artist as I felt these were strong, expensive colours and that is how I wanted her to be preserved. My Decisions. My Cd Cover My Music Video My Website Creativity & Postmodernism. Creativity is the use of imagination or orginal ideas,
especially in the production of an artistic work.
In my opinion creativity is the way in which you express your ideas as a music producer.
Postmodernism is when elements from existing products have been taken and then developed to make something new. I have been creative in many ways as I have used a number of technologies such as 'Adobe Premier Pro' and 'Photoshop' to create my products. For example using this software enabled me to use tools such as 'overlay', 'desaturation' and 'mirror' to keep my style and conventions the same in both my video and digi pack meanwhile making my brand image stronger. Mirror Overlay I also liked the way in which artist I researched from the same genre dressed and the way they presented themselves that is why I dressed her in a certain style to improve my brand image and creative mise-en-scene of my project.
Below is a mise-en-scene comparison: Comparisons Delilah My Artist My Artist CD Cover Comparison In my CD cover I wanted to have my artist looking at the camera so the audience would feel like they are interacting with her, like seen on Taylor Swifts album. I also needed to stick to my colour scheme so because of that I added a gold glitter background.
Comparisons below: Taylor Swift Ellie Goulding My Artist Website Comparison Again I knew I had to stick to my brand image on my website, so to do that I made sure the colour scheme was the same and it was clear to the audience who's website it was. I saw this done on Cheryls website.
Comparisons seen below: Cheryl's Website My Website Brand image is important to the target audience because that is the way they will recognise my artist in all products. It also allows the target audience to relate to my artist in different ways for example fashion, song lyrics and mise-en-scene. I think I created a successful brand image because all of my products relate and you can clearly see that. I have used the same font in all my products for example Tori being in a combat for for every product. I think my brand image is very accurate and professional in the way it is presents like some of the artist I have taken inspiration from. I also feel my brand image is easily recognisable to the audience as the style is unique and stand out as individualist. Also when getting feedback I asked if the audience thought it was successful. Brand Statement I have stuck to my brand image statement which I wrote at the beginning of my project as everything I wanted to make my brand image look like I have. For example I want her colour scheme to be black, gold and white which I have done. I also wrote that I wanted my audience to see a connection between all my products and I think I achieved that well.
Below is the branding statement I made at the start of the project: Below are the graphs that were developed from my audience feedback questionnaire: For this part of my evaluation I decided to get my feedback in two different ways.
Video & Survey Monkey This graph shows the rating my audience gave me on how professional my three products are. From this I can see that majority of the audience thought my products were professional. To me this is a good result as my products look professional but could be improved a little bit more. Graph 1 Graph 2 This graph shows what the audience thought of my brand image across all my products. All of the audience said I had a strong brand image and I am pleased with that because I worked hard creating a good brand image as I found from research it was very important. This graph shows that my audience thought I had a strong brand image and that is what I wanted them to see. In this case I have been successful if my audience feel the same. Example... Here is the Lady Gaga video 'Born This Way' which I feel is very creative in the way it is filmed and in the mise-en-scene. I have chosen this example because Lady Gaga is one of the most unique and different artist creatively in the industry today. Being Creative in Music Videos Here is a video which I watched to help me with the creativity of my music video: Why is feedback important? You can make or save you money – Gaining audience feedback can gain money because you take into account consumers opinion, therefore you can attract a larger audience. You find out what the audience wants – While this is good as it allows you to make improvements on what they say it is also a hard process as many people will have many different opinions and views. You can tailor products to specific audiences – If you want the products to appeal to one particular audience or pin point what parts the demographic enjoys most then audience feedback is good. Improve any weaknesses – This is important because then you know what parts of your film are not working and it will help improve your product. These are some point which make audience feedback so important when creating products: When I asked the audience which product they prefer and would use the most, majority of them said that the website. This could be due to the proliferation of web 2.0 over the years which allows the audience to access the website a lot easier on many different devices. If I and to rate my own brand image out of 10 then I would give it an 8 or 9 because of how really all my products link together. I believe I have made a really strong brand which makes my artist look more professional. Website Video Digi Pack Technology has advanced rapidly over the past years! This video explains how I used technology to develop my products and how I feel it will develop even more in the future. The Future! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22157892 This report supports what I think about technology in the future as it will be more used and relied on that most things. This graph show whether the audience felt I needed to make any improvements on my products and majority of them said that no improvements needed to be made. I think this is good as I as I worked hard making sure they are professional. Professional Video My Video High Angle Shot Mid Shot & Tracking Low Angle Shot I didn't really challenge conventions as much as I wanted as my artist is edgy and different from other artists. Maybe if I had looked at more artist that challenge conventions in the same genre then I may have had a few good ideas of how I could do the same. I looked at more traditional artists such as Taylor Swift and didn't really know how to be different like Kanye West with a small budget and limited locations. Doing this I feel the audience can see a less amateur video and compare it to professional videos without criticising mine too much. Screenshots Screenshots Website Conventions For my website I wanted I clear, simple design so it was easy for the audience to navigate. For research on how to do that effectively and what conventions I should use I analysed a few websites including Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Lana Del Rey. Below you can see the annotations that I made of the 3 websites: Website Annotations Being creative I used a professional artist such as Lana Del Rey, Cheryl and Adele as they are in the same music genre as what my artist, so most of my inspiration came from these websites for that reason. The conventions I found from my research was having a navigation bar, linking pages such as gallery and store, social networking icons, play bar, artist name and promotions of the artist. I made sure all of this was include in my website to make it look as professional as possible as you can see below: These are the conventions I found from my research which I put into a mindmap and posted it on my Tumblr blog. I have used a lot of these conventions to make my video look more professional. My Music Video Conventions Black & White I decided to use black and white only in the flashback parts of the video because when looking at other videos they did the same in flashbacks for example Beyonce 'If I was a boy'. I wanted to make it clear to the audience that these scenes were in the past. My Video Screenshots Beyonce 'If I was a boy' Fade to Black I used fade to black for a smooth transition from one scene to another and give my video a professional edgy like I saw on some other videos such as Delilah 'Go'. My Video Screenshot Delilah 'Go' Cutting to the Beat I used this editing technique as the rhythm/beat of my song was quite strong and distinctive. Doing this also doing this made my video look less basic which was shown thought the professionalism question in my audience feedback questionnaire. My Video Screenshot Nicole 'Dance to the beat' Overlaying I used overlay for more of a performance effect in my video. It allows the audience to see different things that are going on within the story at the same time. It almost acts as a way for the audience to see what my artist is thinking about which adds to audience entertainment. My Video Screenshots Comparing my website to other more professional websites I feel mine is as good as them and follows the same rules/ conventions making it look professional appealing to the target audience which is proven by the audience feedback I got which stated my website was the product most people said they would use. My creativity statement which I made at the start of the whole project. Branding video which helped me understand branding a lot bit more and how it impacts companies massively. It also made me think on how I could make my brand image really strong like some of the top companies and recording artists of today. Brand Image! My research was really useful because I was able to find out what products are successful in the industry today and why. I wanted to find out as much information as I could to make my products look as professional and get me a good grade. However, looking back I don’t feel the research I did was enough to justify some of the decisions I made on my products. This also may have brought my grade down slightly which is something I didn’t want to do. Conclusion My planning helped me organise everything better and stay on track for example making location recees and time plans. I feel I was strong when I came to organisation as everything I wanted to do happened as and when I and as I wanted it to. At the start there were a few problems with actors in my video but this was sorted pretty quickly and after that everything went to plan. Also all the photos I had taken of my artist were lost so I had to organise a different time to set up another photo shoot but if anything the pictures may have turned out better as my artist was more confident in front of the camera. My products didn’t really changed from my planning, as I knew what I wanted from all my products and I tried to stick that. The only minor things that I changed were the layout of my digi pack because I decided to add a range of pictures of my artist to achieve a higher grade. I also changed my website the layout of my website by having less pages and not having a enter page which I planned first of all. I also added more
information on the home page instead of putting the video on that page. Overall I really enjoyed this project because I got to learn about how music products are made with new software for example using Adobe Premier Pro and Wix. Also learning how they sell so much to their target audience. I also loved taking control of all my products and deciding what I want my brand and artist to look like. If I was going to repeat this project I would do more planning into others products more and choose a faster, upbeat song.
:D My Music Video Digi Pack
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