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The Moderates' role in the American Revolution

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Meg Hawkins

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of The Moderates' role in the American Revolution

The Moderate's role in the American Revolution
Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Franklin
John Adams
Role in Colonial Society
Continental congress
Virginia legislature
Governor of Virginia
Declaration of Independence
Drafted declaration
Had voice for patriotic cause
Biggest signature
A Summary View of the Rights of British America
Pamphlet about separating from Britain
Drafted July 1774
Parliament had no reason to govern colonies
Wrongful law making by King George III and Parliament
Circulated in London, Philadephia and New York
Known as skillfull and radical political writer
Franklin created this political cartoon at first to influence the colonies to unite against France along the borders.
Continuing oppression of the colonies by Britain caused this cartoon to become a symbol of the colonies uniting against Britain.
Join or Die
Join or Die Cartoon
Role as a Founding Father

Helped the Declaration
Signed all four documents (Declaration, Treaty of Alliance, Amity and Commerce with France, The Treaty of Peace and the Constitution)

Boston Massacre
Lawyer for the British soldiers
Wanted the soldiers to have a fair trial
Proving everyone deserves fair trail
British soldiers won trial

Colonial Role
Delegate for Continental Congress
Helped negotiate Treaty of Paris
Not officially apart of Son's of Liberty out of fear of the crown
Role in Causing Revolution
Sons of Liberty
Critic of Stamp Act
One of the first leaders to suggest independence
Role in Revolution
Role in Causing Revolution
Strong supporter of independence
Opposed British power
Help Draft Declaration
Encouraged unity of colonies
Central role in drafting Declaration
Elected governor of Virginia
Helped found Committee of Correspondence
Delegate in Continental Congress (selected as alternate delegate)
Wrote an article Summary View of the Rights of British America
Works Cited

Committee of Correspondence







Role for Revolution
Formed to talk about Britain
United colonies
Talked secretly about ways to unite against Britain
Formed by legislatures
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