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Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli

No description

Hailey S

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli

By Hailey Smith
;a description of who the main characters are and where the story takes place
In the middle of the book Leo realizes he likes Stargirl and followed her home from school one day. Later in the book when Stargirl leaves Leo a Valentines day card on his desk they both realize they like eachother. But when they start to hangout more people stop being friends with Stargirl and Leo. Then Leo told her that people would like her if she was more like them.
Hailey Smith
7th grade

-Written by, Jerry Spinelli
-Published by, Ember/ Random House Children's books
-186 pages
-Where does the story take place?
Stargirl takes place in Mica High School in Arizona.

-When does it occur?
The book Stargirl occurs in Present day.

-Who are the main characters?
The main characters in Stargirl are, leo and Stargirl.
Rising Action
;the part of the story that builds the climax
Stargirl is the kind of girl who cares about how other people are feel and what they do. If some one picks up a piece of trash and throws it away she will make a cheer for them, if it's someone's birthday she will sing them happy birthday at lunch for everyone to watch! Everyone loves her, but when she gets invited to join the cheerleading team and cheers for the other teams they start to change their minds.
; the middle/end of the story, when the most important part happens
Falling action
;the result of what the character did in the climax
Stargirl changed to be like everyone else and fit in and to be with leo, but that didn't really make her happy. Stargirl gets invited to do a contest for the best speach for school, but only 3 people showed up and 2 of them were teachers, she expected everyone to be cheering her on when she got back home but no one was there. After that, she gave up on being popular.
;the end of the story
Leo and Stargirl stop dating but Stargirl still went to a dance by her self. Every boy left their date to dance with her. And that was the last time anyone in Mica High School saw Stargirl.
Self Identity
In the beginnging stargirl is different from every one else. So she tried to be like every one else so she can fit in and have friends but that doesn't make her happy. So she learns she's happier being her self.
Stargirl fit the theme of self identity. The interest level is grades 6-10. The cover looked interesting and I wanted to try a new genre.
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