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The Industrial Revolution

No description

Christian Lim

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The Industrial Revolution

Major Inventions
The Spinning Jenny
The Steam Engine
The Steam Boat
The Telegraph
The Sewing Machine
The Industrial Revolution
Working Conditions
Factory Conditions
No health and safety laws
No safety guards around dangerous machines
No safety clothing
Long hours
Poor ventilation
Children employed
High risk of disease and infection

Mining Conditions
Most of the day without sunlight
Poor ventilation
Deeper mines, more risk
Frequent gas explosions
Miners safety lamp

Reduced pay
Long hours
Unfair and unneeded fines
Phosphorous poisoning (Match Factory)
Terrible working conditions

Children were beaten if they caused accidents
They had to start work at 6 and finished at 9 or later
Many were crippled but still had to work
Children would fall asleep from being overworked and fall into the machines

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