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SYDE 261 - Group Project #2 - Commercial Space Travel

No description

Jordan Wyatt

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of SYDE 261 - Group Project #2 - Commercial Space Travel

ENVIRONMENT USER RECOMMENDATIONS -With the expanding market for commercialized space travel, the demand for technical engineers and designers will rise.
-More specialized jobs will be available with high paying salaries. - Air and water purification [36][37]
- Early detection of natural disasters through satellites [38] (asteroids, earthquakes etc..)
- Local noise reduction using metallic foams as engine case liners [39]
- Reduce impact of overpopulation on earth [38] (soil erosion from over farming) POSITIVE user impacts environmental impacts recommendations Positive - Images of the changing earth from space have played a large role in debates over climate change [14]
- Children may become more interested in space and sciences [11]
- Any great accomplishments can be viewed as humankind achievements [9]
- $1.6 billion over the next 10 years in sub-orbital flight market [13]
- Governments remain in control of scientific research and experiments in space [8] and advancing the frontier [12] Negative - Technological divide between haves and have nots
- Loss of taxpayer money if contracts fall through, or are terminated before completion[10] ENVIRONMENTAL RECOMMENDATIONS NEGATIVE -Offers the opportunity to explore human environmental impact from satellites at a macroscopic level -Added debris in orbit of earth [25]
-No legislation to limit the contamination of space above planet [26] By implementing the concept of a centrifugal space craft, one can create artificial gravity, thereby, eliminating the negative effects of weightlessness entirely [8]

-Set up tightly regulated training programs, and maintain a high standard of job safety for all personnel working for the private companies.
-Government should implement new safety laws for commercialized space flight companies to uphold.

Government should fund innovation contests rather than contracts with particular companies to decrease risk of wasting taxpayer money on failed projects Negative - close to three times the annual radiation exposure on a daily basis [7]
- skeletal deterioration and muscle atrophy due to weightlessness [5]
- stuffy nose, headache, and swelling as a result of the"fluid shift" [5]
- negative psychological effects can include depression, anxiety, insomnia [6] [34] [32] [33] [35] [29] [30] [28] [27] [31] SPACIAL Develop an international strategy for the elimination of debris for the safety of spacecraft GLOBAL To reduce the amount of harmful emissions from rockets, there should be a limit imposed on the number of commercial space flights per year. LOCAL - Promote research and awareness into the field of commercialized space travel technologies
- Gradually increase restrictions for toxic and noise impacts on the local environment to curb negative impacts until a replacement solution can be fully implemented. - Companies like Virgin Galactic are working to make space travel environmentally friendly
- Spaceport America on track for LEEDS Gold rating [19]
- Richard Branson investing $3 billion profit from Virgin Galactic to clean-energy technologies [18]

- Soot emitted from rockets will stay in the atmosphere for much longer than normal carbon emissions and can have long-term negative effects on the climate and ozone [20] POSITIVE NEGATIVE - Eroding soil from solid propellants leads to contaminated water in many cities [40]
- Fossil fuels continue to pollute the air with excess Co2 emissions [41]
- Wildlife unable communication find and their prey due to noise [42] POSITIVE NEGATIVE Positive Negative Commercial space is not focussed on scientific research, leading some to become disinterested in field -2nd and 3rd party research companies will have a means to get into space to test new technologies.
-Tourists will be able to have a surreal experience that can’t be offered on earth. Positive
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