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Annual Public Meeting

No description

Betsey Dixon

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Annual Public Meeting

Welcome to
New Market Elementary School's
Annual Public Title I Meeting
& Open House

What is Title I?
¿Qué es el Título 1?
Is a federal program that provides financial assistance to help ensure that all students meet state academic standards
New Market Elementary
is a school wide Title I school.
School wide programs allow Title I funds to be used to serve ALL children in the school.
Since our Title I program is school wide we have more flexibility with how we spend our Title I funds.
Title I Funds are supporting our students through:
Remediation Tutors
Ayuda adicional en Lectura y Matemática
Providing our teachers with quarterly planning days
Permitir tiempo de planificación de cada trimestrales
Computadoras portables adicional para el salon
Wireless Computer Carts for Classroom Use
Staff Development
Progreso del Personal
Instructional Supplies & Programs for Students
Materiales de Instrucción y programas para estudiantes
and Parent Involvement Programs
Programa de Participación de los Padres

Más flexibilidad en como usar los fondos del programa Título 1.
Los programas "school wide" o de la escuela entera permiten fondos del programa Título 1, sean usados para servir a TODOS los niños en la escuela.
Es un programa Federal que proporciona asistencia financiera para ayudar a garantizar, que todos los estudiantes alcancen las normas academicas del estado
Every child deserves an excellent teacher and the law requires that every student must have a highly qualified teacher.
Cada niño se merece un excelente maestro/a y la ley requiere que para el 2006 cada salón debe tener un maestro/a altamente calificado.
This means that teachers must be licensed by the state, fully certified, and able to demonstrate competence in each subject they teach. Teacher Assistants also must meet highly qualified requirements.
Esto quiere decir que los maestros deben ser licenciados por el estado, certificados y poder demostrar enseñan. Los asistentes de maetros también deben ser altamente calificados.
New Market's staff is 100% highly qualified!
Parents' Roles
El Papel de los Padres
Follow the Student/Parent/Teacher/Principal Compact
Seguir el acuerdo entre la escuela y los padres
Attend Parent Engagement Nights
Asistir a las noches de participación de padres
and maintain contact with your child's teacher
Mantener comunicación con los maestros de sus niños.
Thank you for your time
& continued support!
A few reminders...
September 20th
Fall Festival
October 8th
Ident-a-kid Pictures
1 Card-$9.00
2 Cards-$12.00
October 31st &
November 1st
Teacher Workdays
Special Nights
1st Mon-McDonald's
2nd Tues-Bojangles
3rd Tues-Subway
For more information visit our website:
8 de Octubre
el fotos para Ident-A-Kid
1 tarjeta 9.00
2 tarjeta 12.00
31 de Octobre
y 1 de Noviembre
el dia de trabajar
para los maestros
Por favor visitar
McDonald's, Bojangles, y Subway!
20 de Septiembre
"Fall Festival"
Nearly all 50 states have adopted the Common Core and Essential Standards.
These standards are intended to...
promote higher order thinking
and better prepare our students for college and career readiness.
For more information about the Common Core and Essential standards visit:
North Carolina Curriculum
develop 21st Century & critical thinking skills
October 7th-
October 11th
Book Fair
Please stop by your child's classroom before you leave this evening!
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