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Time Warner

Magazine Media Company

Mariko Mosher

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Time Warner

Est. 1990 Time Warner Owners Awards Time Warner Incorporated (not affiliated with Time Warner cable)

“Our basic beliefs in journalistic integrity, freedom of expression, diversity of viewpoints and responsible content are at the heart of what we do. By aligning our businesses with these beliefs, we're able to drive the growth of our businesses in a responsible and ethical manner, strengthen our reputation, and help create a better connected and well-informed world,” Jeffery Bewkes, Oct. 2012 Its history dates back to 1972 when Kinney National Company established Warner Communications, which owned Warner Music Group, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics, Mad, and Atari from 1976 to 1984

In the 70s, Warner formed a company with American Express and they named it Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment.

In 1987, Warner purchased American Express’ half and sold it to Viacom the next year, renaming it MTV Networks

In 1990, Time, Inc. and Warner Communications merged to form Time Warner and the company purchased Turner Broadcasting System in 1996.

In 2000, AOL purchased Time Warner, renaming the company to AOL Time Warner but eventually changing its name again to Time Warner. History Time
Sports Illustrated
In Style
Real Simple
and More! Properties Controversies 2008 The company was honored at the 2008 Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for development of interactive video-on-demand infrastructure and signaling, leading to large scale VOD implementations.

2009 The company was honored by Institutional Investor as America's Best Investor Relations for sell side in the Media sector for Cable & Satellite in 2009.

The company was named the "Wendell Brown of Cable Companies" in 2010 and in 2012.

The company was ranked in second place by Institutional Investor as America's Best Investor Relations for sell side in the Media sector for Cable & Satellite.

2011 Time Warner Cable is ranked among America’s most successful companies, according to Institutional Investor magazine’s ALL-AMERICA EXECUTIVE TEAM rankings. Including 21 U.S. Magazines, more than 25 U.S. Web sites and
International magazines Director Director Paul T. Cappucio Executive Vice President and General Counsel Time Warner Inc. is an American multinational media corporation headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City. As of 2010, it was the world's second largest media and entertainment conglomerate in terms of revenue (behind The Walt Disney Company). Jeffrey L. Bewkes: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Responsible for making the WB into the CW John K. Martin is Chief Financial and Administrative Officer He is responsible for leading company-wide efforts to launch shared services in the areas of information technology, real estate and facilities and HR systems. He oversees the worldwide management of Time Warner's legal functions, collaborating with all of its operating businesses. Gary L. Ginsberg is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications Carol A. Melton is Executive Vice President for Global Public Policy Ginsburg works with the Company's senior management team and top executives at its operating divisions on a wide range of corporate matters, with direct responsibility for the Time Warner's marketing and communications initiatives. a former Assistant Counsel to President Clinton. She is responsible for overseeing the Company's policy offices in Washington, D.C., London, Brussels and Hong Kong. As Time Warner's chief public policy strategist, she works closely with all of Time Warner's business units in managing issues connected to their domestic and international operations. Their top divisions include Home Box Office (HBO), Time Inc., Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. Entertainment.
They have approximately 34,000 employees world wide. Today, the company ranks 49th in the 2008 Forbes 500 List of Largest Corporations in America with $50.48 billion worth of revenue. Its six major enterprises are:

Warner Bros. Entertainment, featuring film, TV, digital distribution, comic books, animation, video games, international cinemas, and home entertainment production. Its brands include Warner Bros. Pictures, New line Cinema, and DC Comics;

Time Warner Cable, providing voice, data, and video services, with brands that include Road Runner and Digital Phone services;

Home Box Office, that provides 24-hour pay television services including HBO and Cinemax;

AOL, which provides Web brands, products, and services;

Turner Broadcasting System, with businesses including CNN, Cartoon Network, and NASCAR; and

Best Investor Relations - First Place
Best Investor Relations - Second Place
Best CEO - Glenn Britt -
Best CEO - Second Place - Glenn Britt
Best CFO - Robert Marcus -
Best CFO - First Place - Robert Marcus -
Best Investor Relations Professional - First Place - Thomas Robey -
Best Investor Relations Professional - Second Place - Thomas Robey -

Time Warner was among the companies honored Thursday at the North Carolina Technology Association’s annual NCTA 21 Awards.

Most hated company in america- third place Business Insider's list Awards Continued... Properties Continued: History Continued... Time Warner Controversies
There was a failed Time Warner boycott in 1992 after the song “Cop Killer” by rapper Ice-T was released. Many groups and organizations called for a boycott against the company which distributed the song. They wanted to boycott all Time Warner products including all of their magazines and publications. This effort failed however, as the company did not decline in any of their sales. Media experts say this illustrated how difficult it is to successfully target a faceless corporation whose products are not clearly identified as being their own.

In 1999 Time Asia published an article claiming that former Indonesian President Suharto had transferred stolen money abroad. Suharto sued them, seeking more than $27 billion for libel. In 2007 the Indonesian Supreme Court awarded Suharto the damages, ordering the company pay him 1 trillion rupiah which is equivalent to approximately $104 million.

Earlier this year Time came out with a cover displaying a mother breast-feeding her almost 4-year-old son. This issue became a huge controversy, as many people believe Time had intended it to. However, because the child shown on the cover was, in many people’s opinion, too old to be breastfed, the controversy was much bigger than just whether or not you agreed with breastfeeding. Some people even went so far as to claim that the image was child porn and that it was promoting child sexual abuse and incest. This didn’t really hurt the magazine in any way. If anything it got them more publicity, which may have been what they were after anyway. Controversies Continued...
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