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Line and Point

Using lines and points over a surface to create a visual effect.

Matthew Burke

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Line and Point

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

Inge Nygaard Pedersen

Music example 2: Therapist: Regularily repeated sound in a breathing pulse which makes it sound alternating distant and close even if it is the same tone. Variations in piano dynamic in an ongoing flow of timbre shown by the lines. Patient: Staccato-like tones played in a piano dynamic. Size of tones shows variations within piano dynamic. Lines between the tones shows more flow and connection between the tones — more melody-like.

I worked with a schizoid patient, male, 43, diagnosed as having strong personality disturbances […] he played alternately in the bass and the treble of the piano, not using the middle part. He played fragmented single tones, but gradually there arose some submission in his listening attitude to the music which were audible in his tones being more connected and him being more concentrated in his listening. He was surprised afterwards which he expressed verbally. I played small minor melodies (inspired by my listening to a sad mood in channel 3), which I gradually turned into a repeated softly-striked note. It sounded almost like a heart beat and gave me something to hold on to, so I could stay fully in my musical interplay and simultaneously be listening in an almost embodied way — channel 2 informing me of the need for a stable centre. Line and Point Line changes the direction of the plane
Point can begin to subvert the figure ground relationship Yayoi Kusama, artist

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