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Gummy bear experiment

No description

Brandon Mosier

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Gummy bear experiment

What Liquid would effect the gummy bears size the most? (to become larger)
By: Brandon Mosier
Source: chacha.com (http://www.chacha.com/question/can-gummy-bears-adsorb-soda)
Information: The gummy bear grew several sizes larger than it's original size after putting some in water and soda.
Source: (http://cascience6isp.wikispaces.com/file/view/2012+isp+grimm+emily.pdf)
Information: They think the gummy bear will grow larger because the density of the liquid will dissolve inside the gummy bear. That would cause it to expand due to the density.
The experiment:
Title: The effect of different liquids on a gummy bears size (make it larger)
Hypothesis: If I use soda then the gummy bear will become larger than the one in water
Independent variable: Type of liquids used
Dependent variable: The size of the gummy bear
Constants: Cups, gummy bear brand, liquids
Trial 1: 5 minutes
First test results: 2cm (water) 1.9cm (Sprite)
Trial 2: 10 minutes
Second test results: 2cm (water) 2cm (Sprite)
First test results: 2.1cm (water) 1.7cm (Sprite)
Second test results: 2.1cm (water) 1.8cm (Sprite)
Trial 3: 15 minutes
First test results: 2cm (water) 1.7cm (Sprite)
Second test results: 2cm (water) 1.9cm (Sprite)
Trial 4: 0 minutes (control)
2cm originally
Experimental Procedures:
1. (state a problem) Will a gummy bear expand more in soda or water?
2. (gathering information) Sprite (non-diet) is more dense than water so Sprite would probably effect the gummy bears size the most.
3. (form hypothesis) If I use soda then the gummy bear will be larger than the one in water.
4. (test hypothesis) Tested the experiment twice, measured after every 5, 10, and 15 minutes.
5. (analyze data) During the trials the gummy bear in water grew larger than the one in soda (Sprite).
6. (making a conclusion) My results did not support my hypothesis during both tests.
7. (report results) During both tests the gummy bear in water grew larger than the one in soda about .1cm. The largest the gummy bear grew in water was 2.1cm and the largest it grew in soda is 1.9cm. The soda seemed to dissolve (shrink) the gummy bear during both tests.
Website URLs for pictures:
Supplies needed:
Soda (Sprite)
Ipod (to take pictures)
Gummy bears
Pictures during experiments
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