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The Life of Dr. Charles R. Drew

A timeline of the incredible life Dr. Charle's R. Drew

Annaya Williems

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of The Life of Dr. Charles R. Drew

April 1, 1950
June 3, 1904
1904 - 1914
Born to Richard Drew and Nora Burrell.
Born and raised in the city (Washington D.C.)
Was the only boy out of four children.
Won seven swimming medals at Stevens Elementary School.
Excelled in athletics including: swimming, football, basket ball, and more.
1915 - 1920
Grew up in a middle class interracial neighborhood known as Foggy Bottom.
His upbringing emphasized academic education, church membership, civic knowledge, responsibility, and independence.
At age 12 he worked his first job as a paper boy
By age 13 he recruited six other boys to work under him so they could expand and cover more territory.
Drew also worked as a lifeguard, in construction, and as a city playground supervisor.
He had no clear plans for a medical career when he began his studies at Amherst College with an athletic scholarship in 1922.
In high school, Drew did not excel scholastically
Credited his biology professor, Otto Glaser, for fostering the scientific interests that led him to medical school.
Also traced his desire to study medicine to his sister Elsie's death, in 1920, from tuberculosis complicated by the post-war pandemic influenza.
Drew received his AB from Amherst in 1926.
In 1933, he graduated with both a Doctorate of Medicine and a Master of Surgery degree. He completed his internship and residency at the Montreal General Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital respectively finishing second in his class.
1945 - 1950
Virginia State College
awarded Charles R. Drew Honorary doctor of science degree
. (1945)
Elected as a fellow of the international college of surgeons. (1946)
Amherst college awarded him with the Honorary doctor of science. (1947)
Dr. Drew became the first Black to be appointed for the American Board of Surgery. (1948)
Drew's first group of residents passed the surgery certification exams (1948)
Appointed surgical consultant for the united states Army's European Theater of Operations. (1949)
On April 1, 1950 Drew was killed in a Automobile accident in Burlington, North Carolina.
The Life of Dr. Charles R. Drew
Charles Drew with the 1920-1921 Dunbar High School Basketball Team. Drew stands back row, far left.
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http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/charles-r-drew-475.php [ADR]
http://www.biography.com/people/charles-drew-9279094 [ADR]

Awarded Thomas W. Ashley Memorial trophy (MVP player) in his junior year.
Also named to the All-American team.
Received Howard Hill Mossman trophy for collegiate athletic contributions (Track & Football)
Joined Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Completed bachelor's degree at Amherst College in 1926.
Worked as a biology instructor & Athletic Director for Morgan College (Morgan State University)
Enrolled in McGill University in Montreal, Canada (1928)
Became an Alpha Omega Alpha Scholar & won an award in neuroanatomy (1930).
Won the J. Francis Williams Prize in medicine.
During this time, Drew studied with Dr. John Beattie, and they examined problems and issues regarding blood transfusions.
He became an instructor at Howard University's medical school in 1935, and that following year, did a surgery residence at Freedmen's Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Charles R. Drew with his family as a young child.
Married Lenor Robbins
Earned a degree from Columbia University, through the Rockefeller Fellowship
Thesis was on blood storing methods
Trained at Presbyterian Hospital,
Helped set up the Blood for Britain during World War II
Served as a professor of medicine at Howard University and a surgeon at Freedman's Hospital
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