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Inca Mythology

No description

Emily Xu

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Inca Mythology

Modern Importance darkness Family Tree Sacred Sites Beliefs & Ceremonies Great Flood ceremonies carried out by large organized priesthood
worshiped gods, the sun, and ancestors
priests used divination to ask for supernatural help
believed in reincarnation and death leading to an after world
made human sacrifices called capacocha Lake Titicaca Long ago, the world was covered in Viracocha Cuzco deities DEITIES VIRACOCHA MAMA KILYA/QUILLA MAJOR INTI Viracocha Inti Mama Quilla Mama Pacha Pachacamac Kon Manco Capac Mama Cocha Mama Ocllo minor mama
cocha supay mama pacha apu illapu Sea Mother goddess of sea & fish protector of fishermen & sailors god of death ruler of Incan underworld, Uca Pacha leader of a race of demons ILYAP'A GOD OF WEATHER THUNDER KATOYLLA IYAPA ILLAPA GOD OF Earth Pachamama Mother World Earth Goddess Dragoness Fertility Goddess Goddess of Planting Goddess of Harvest Mother Holidays January: Zarap Tuta Cavai Mitan
March: fall equinox; Pacha Pucuy Quilla
April: Camai Quilla
June 24: Inti Raymi or winter solstice
September: spring equinox
December: summer solstice THE END
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