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lost in the river of grass

No description

tyqasia hayes

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of lost in the river of grass

By:Tyqasia Hayes
Lost In The River Of Grass
Main characters
Lost In the river of grass
By:Tyqasia Hayes
Author:Ginny Rorby
How does this help answer the essential question?
What scares you the most? spiders,
snakes,big bugs,murky water, things that
hunt at night? Put all your fears in one place

and you have the Florida everglades, the hatile, strangely beautiful setting
. Sarah skips a group outing during a school field trip to go boating with a
school hottie,Andy.Due to some poor planning they end up stranded out in the middle of the everglades, struggling to survive. Sarah's a bit

of an outcast at school. She got in the prestigous(snob-a-licous) school thanks her swimming scholarship.It's safe to say that few of Rorby's readers have been lost for days without adequate food.
Andy- is the school hottie that Sarah goes on the boat ride with.

Sarah-Sarah is the girl that Andy go on the boat ride with.

Teapot- is the duckling that Sarah saves from when she hit teapot.

Mr.Victers-is the tourist and also the teacher

AABC's- the AABC's are the girls that don't like sarah and be mean to her.
This book setting is wild, dangerous but beautiful
nature are incredibly well done.
Hope You like it!
My rating for this book was that it had great text language and a bunch of different stuff that you could focus on. So i would give it a five star rating.
This helps answer the essential question because
if we are more active in our community then we would be aware of Sarah to not go on the field trip that she didn't want to go on.
Thanks for watching!!!!!
Main Idea
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