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No description

Kristin Wyatt

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of Setting

The basic definition of setting is the time and place a story occurs.
However, setting has much more than those two parts.
The physical setting can have multiple meanings.
It can include:
The broad location of a story
The specific location of an event
The area or region something occurs in
The culture of a specific place can affect the setting.
These can be defined by:
Religious Beliefs
Societal Beliefs
Political Beliefs
Historical Background
The time period a story takes place can directly affect the content of the story. For example, if a story is set during the Civil War, the setting will directly affect the characters, plot, and theme.
Why is setting/geography important?
Influences the characters.
Creates Conflict
Serves as a Symbol
Creates Imagery
Establishes Mood
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